ISIS Terrorist Captured On Video After Failed Attempt To Plant Explosives *Graphic*

  • Rosenmops

    Allah Snackbar!

  • Minicapt

    … two aspirins … and a cup of camel piss.


    • Justin

      No. They should put pepper, salt and acid on his wounds!

  • Sir Roderick Spode

    Whilst I haven’t the energy to track down who made this stuff and when and why. I would be interesting to know the back story here. Some sorry POS has had his hands blown off and is going into shock. You can only guess as to what is going on. I translation along with the probable source of the regional accents would be interesting. As to verification it is anyone’s guess.

  • Sean

    No medical attention for him at all. None. Let it rot.

    • Sir Roderick Spode

      Aren’t you in the least bit curious? If this guy were planting explosives what are the chances he would be using a device that would just blow off one hand and with such a specific wound boundary – damage to the other is unclear. It doesn’t look like a blast injury. Cuppla days ago I was reading about some spick rotting log where they had an insurgency problem and a homelessness problem. I couldn’t be bothered to check but I think it was Columbia – mucho apologises it it were some other shit hole.

      Easy fix ; Round up the homeless. Murder them dress them as insurgents and pick them up as part of the body count on the battlefield with the insurgents. Well done that government payroll militia man! It’s called “privatisation”.

      I am not saying that how it is but what I am saying is this shit should be given less than zero crediblity.

      • T.C.

        Hey Roddy boy.
        How’s the weather over at the Kremlin today?

  • lolwut?


  • canminuteman

    That’s got hurt. I get woozy from a paper cut.

  • David Murrell

    That should read “PIECES of ISIS terrorist captured on video…”.

  • Clink9

    Won’t be playing piano for a while.

  • ntt1

    Another lucky hadji sentenced to wiping his ass with a hook. God (not allah)is indeed great.

  • TJ

    You had one job. To die in the explosion that killed others not have a work related accident.

  • simus1

    Just click on the picture.

    It will take you to Live Leak and fill in all the goings on in

    Samarra, Salah Al-Din, Iraq (load item map)

  • Maggat

    Hell have a hard time making up his mind to wipe his ass or eat. Cruel to say, but looks good on him.