Hypocrite Brand’s trendy tops made in Bangladesh sweatshop: Millionaire comic sells £60 sweatshirts from workers earning just 25p an hour

Russell Brand is selling sweatshirts made in Third Word factories by workers earning just 25p an hour, it emerged last night.

The multi-millionaire comedian and self-styled revolutionary claims the company that provides him with the £60 sweatshirts sold on his website is ‘ethical’ and works to the ‘highest environmental standards’.

Brand – who claims to be an anti-capitalist who advocates the overthrow of ‘corporate tyranny’ – also promises customers that all profits from his merchandise go to charity and that he ‘doesn’t make a penny’.

  • BillyHW

    And Katy Perry slept with him. Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  • cmh

    smart guy to take advantage of a legal business strategy and employ foreign workers. Maybe that’s he’s so wealthy

  • Keith

    I wonder why he, being a socialist, didn’t help his fellow workers in the UK out and use UK based companies with factories in the UK to produce his clothing line. He could still donate all the profits too charity, that is if that is what he is really doing now.

    • Alain

      Keith, I think you believe socialism is something it isn’t.

      • Keith

        No my idea of socialism is something that works very well for Bees, Wasps and Ants. Even those insect societies have one Queen who rules the roost and everyone else is subjugated to her commands. They are developed for it but humans are not. His idea of being a socialist is no different to that and I have noticed that he is a champagne socialist who as far as I can see doesn’t practice what he preaches.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          One day you will find me
          Caught beneath a landslide
          With a champagne socialista in the sky

    • Because he would have to pay them a proper wage.

  • Leftists are not bothered by a lack of morals or ethics. Violating workers’ rights is fine when they do it.

  • david selvers

    The parasitic existence of this slug isn’t worth the recognition that his insecurity demands….why dignify his stupidity with our attention?
    Is Brand a HYPOCRITE or is he really as dumb and stupid as his big mouth makes him out to be? Without getting into the everyday aspects of his phony being I must mention one very important hypocrisy….the CAPITALIST System that he hatefully preaches against is the same system that gave him is comfortable standard of living and the Western Authority you piss your pants at condemning is what prevents you from getting decapitated. Brand needs protection from decapitation because he’s too much of big mouth whimp to protect himself.
    The other possibility is that he really is that STUPID to know what hypocrisy is.
    The real scary part of this is that the “low information” crowd (millennials) gets it’s news and world views from ethical infants like Brand.
    Label him “PERSONA NON GRATA” and refuse him entry into Canada. America should do the same. We’ve got enough freaks and assholes.