D-Day – 71 Years Ago

D-Day in Colour

  • Still the largest amphibian landing in military history.

  • Dana Garcia

    It breaks my heart that the WWII generation is rapidly disappearing. I miss the America that they built.


    • Yes, it is disappearing, squandered by the most venal generation.

  • ontario john

    But that generation were white colonizers who persecuted our indian friends here in Canada. The War Memorial in Ottawa should be torn down and a memorial to our indians put there. Besides, according to our media Canadian soldiers are all sexist animals anyway. I may even apologize for receiving my army pension.

    • Frau Katze

      Good point. How did things get so crazy? The crackpot hippes from the 60s are running the place.

    • H8trs!

  • Edubeat

    Methinks our boys from regiments such as Regiment de la Chaudiere, Le Van Deuxieme, Hasty P’s, Montreal’s Black Watch and the RMR wouldn’t give a rat’s ass for the likes of Jacques Parizeau et al..

  • Petrilla

    Thanks for noticing DDay, not too much anywhere about it. It was a day that changed the world as you noted earlier today. Thanks for that. Very sad, eh? At our farmers market today, I took some time to read the names and the battles and those young beautiful men who died. I will never say for what, I know they died to keep us free. They died to keep evil away from their little town. That was their shining moment as residents here to protect us from nazi evil. Now we have our own, will we stand against the new evil of islam, yes in your own little Canadian town. You may say I am overreacting but why do we have to have halal food here? Because one Muslim asked and now we all have to have halal like in UK and Australia. No. No halal for me.

  • Clausewitz

    June 6th, you would have thought someone would have aired The Longest Day or Saving Private Ryan, but not in today’s North America. I have 2 History channels that I subscribe to and neither of them deals with historical movies. They’re too busy dealing with UFO shows and Forensic Geology presented by some crackpot.