Border patrol helicopter forced to make emergency landing after it was fired on while patrolling over Texas

A Customs and Border Protection helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing in Texas in an area known for being a hotbed of drug smuggling and border crossings after it was fired upon.

The incident happened about 5pm Friday while the CBP aircraft was patrolling the Rio Grande near the far northwest corner of the border city of Laredo.

Out of the five shots, which authorities believe were fired from the Mexican side of the border, two are confirmed to have hit their target…

  • mauser 98

    one drug importer shoots another drug importer.. purest capitalism
    60,000 dead along Mex border
    Mexican army inside Texas

  • Canadian

    Does it mean that Obola will have to apologize to Mexico?

  • Gaian

    It was just the Mexican military and cops protecting their drug cartel. Crime is what finances Mexico and O-bam-bam pays a bounty to them for every US cop and agent they kill. Most people don’t even realize that the Mexican military has crossed into US territory, illegally, more than 300 times.
    The US Border Patrol copters should be armed and autofire on anything shot at them. They should have missiles too that can take out whole clusters of Mexican garbage (the two-legged kind). And the US should have a leader with the spine to get it done.