BC: Google finally remove slanderous offensive comments labeling workers as ‘racist and autistic’ on company website

Nanaimo, B.C. Canada – Securco Services Inc, run by owner Steve Kelly, had to take Google to task when the search giant failed to remove hurtful comments on their webpage.

Securco has been operating happily in Nanaimo for nearly 40 years. Then about a month ago three nasty reviews popped up on their page.

Go Public, the investigation series of news outlet CBC News, originally posted the slander in their report:

“Their sales rep, Monte, must have been runner up to be village idiot for the City of Nanaimo. Because that is clearly the level of knowledge and expertise that he brings. The office is run by a generally racist woman called Shereen and she has the attention span of a wood bug. The owners Steve and Ian are disconnected from reality to the point of autism…”

All three reviews were posted under the fake name John Bailey.

Owner Steve Kelly was horrified and found the comment concerning autism disrespectful. Even more disrespectful was how Google handled the ordeal…

  • Clausewitz

    Seems Mr Bailey is once again exhibiting the compassion of the Left.

    • Frau Katze

      It sure seems like it.

  • Frances

    This type of nastiness is not uncommon. Anyone with a small business is SOO susceptible to a “drive-by”.

    Best one I heard of was a pet owner who complained that her cat wasn’t treated well by the vet. Problem was: cat bit vet; vet developed serious infection in “working” hand (staff were watching hand swell by the minute), treatment of which involved numerous visits to nearby hospital for IV antibiotics; because infection due to cat bite, doctor had to advise public health; owner contacted by public health and got really stroppy. Despite all this, clinic had documented contact during the whole affair (contradicting owner’s comments), so they published a rebuttal. Also, clinic mentioned bad review to a few clients, which resulted in seriously positive reviews from people who would normally never have thought of posting an on-line review.

    If you are a small business, or do work for a small business (say as bookkeeper or accountant), it’s a good idea to monitor reviews and figure out the best response.