Winds of Jihad: What if jihadists represent true Islam?

Almost all the media and political debate about how to tackle radical Islam and terrorism is based on one critical assumption: that jihadists are unrepresentative and do not represent “true” Islam. That they therefore can be talked out of their dangerous attitudes. That they can be “deradicalised”.

But what if that is simply not true?…

  • Minicapt

    Never has been true, and such would only appeal to the ignorant ones who eschew all research and study. The jihadists are not radicalised and they do not represent the extreme fringe; they are the mainstream. They have been the mainstream since ‘time immemorial’, ie the 7th century, and they carry on the tradition with enthusiasm and vigour.


  • Jay Currie

    Islam is essentially political. Understand that and the rest makes sense. The politics of Islam are the politics of conquest. There is no room for plurality. Where the jihadi are the pointy end, the mainstream demanding sharia in non-Muslim countries and reasonable accommodation are the tidal wave set to engulf us.

    Islam as a political ideology is incompatible with modern, Western, liberal democracy. As such it must be repelled.

  • Blacksmith

    Islam is a socio-economic system. It is dressed as a religion but is a death cult. It cannot be reformed. Its foundation is intolerance.

  • JoKeR