The New Landed Gentry

The United States was formed to establish the individual’s right to own property and to have a vote in the establishment of laws through the election of representatives. These rights were to be protected through the Bill of Rights in the Constitution. Yet within the past sixty years the Democratic Party has worked to slowly undo these rights and establish themselves as what can only be called a contemporary version of the old British landed gentry: those who earn a living from owning property and renting it to taxpayers.

This article is not intended to examine a theory of how a landed gentry can be established in contemporary American politics. Unfortunately, the seizure and rental of property by government is an established fact.This paper will primarily focus on Illinois and the methods its government has used to establish its landed gentry. Illinois is the best example since it is the most thoroughly dominated by the Democratic Party, and has experienced the most thorough control of its finances and property through Democrats.