Sweden: Another shooting in Rosengård. Was Fox News right about Malmö 12 years ago?

On Wednesday night, at 19.30 a 35-year-old man was found by emergency services in a car after having been shot in the head in Rosengård, one of Malmös “no-go zones“.

The man was transported to the hospital and the police have labelled the crime attempted murder/manslaughter…

…When Fox News did a report on the area more than 12 years ago the multicultural cult (Swedish media and politicians) were infuriated that their pipe dream was portrayed in such a negative fashion…

  • If it helps, the Swedes are still in denial.

    • Frau Katze

      Some of them are waking up but the elites are, as you say, in severe denial.

      • It’s time for Swedes to arm themselves.

        • P_F

          Unlike UK (where private gun ownership is severely controlled)Sweden do have private gun ownership laws BUT the gun-rights are curtailed to just 6 guns per person & for hunting purpose only.
          And, like Canada self-defense is NOT a legal reason to own a gun in Sweden as gun ownership is considered a ‘privilege’ rather than a ‘right’.
          Needless to say in the good old pre-PC days Sweden gave us some of the best hunting guns such as Husqvarna & Carl Gustaf.

          • One wonders why the Swedes don’t resort to self-defense. They really need it.

          • P_F

            Because, just like Canada, they are not allowed by the law to do so. Thanks to the Liberals & Kim Campbell the firearms storage regulations has capped it all.

          • If it makes you feel better, one cannot even use one’s hands to protect one’s self.