Poll: NDP takes lead heading into October election

(Reuters) – Canada’s left-leaning New Democratic Party (NDP) has taken a slim lead in popular support ahead of a general election scheduled for October, while support for the Conservative government is flat, a public opinion poll said on Friday.

The Ekos survey showed, however, that the NDP, which has never held power federally, does not have enough backing to form a stable government by itself and would likely have to work with another party.

The poll is not good news for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose right-of-center Conservatives took power in early 2006 and who is seeking a rare fourth-consecutive election victory.

NDP support rose to 31.3 percent in the poll from 28.9 percent a week before, while the Conservatives slipped to 29.2 percent from 29.5 percent…

  • Clausewitz

    Third world, here we come………..

  • terrence

    Yeah, and the polls in BC had the NDP winning in landslide – they LOST. POLLS DO NOT COUNT; VOTES COUNT

  • The Butterfly

    Why does the media pretend that Stephen Harper has won more than one majority government?

    • DD_Austin

      Because nobody can tell the difference when he has a majority?

  • Uncle_Waspy

    Whatever the NDP is selling, the people aren’t buying. They might be able to get in at the provincial level. But even the tutti-fruity progressives — the ones who have money and property — they know on a gut level that having a ruling NDP party is a recipe for disaster.

  • David Murrell

    Let’s face it, the Conservative election strategy stinks. Running repetitive tax-supported public ads; running one single, ultra-repetitive anti-Trudeau ad (badly-acted); having Harper avoid the media – – all of this doesn’t do much to inspire public confidece. It’s so bad, one thinks Harper is trying to lose on purpose.

    • DD_Austin

      He is, Just as the Ontario PCs run such a crappy campaign they lose
      to the perverted witch of the Don Valley West.

      It makes sense if … They’re all really one party and the entire “election”
      is just a big song and dance number they put on every 4 years.

  • Ed

    This is sure to make Justin purse his little lips and stomp his foot and lisp even harder!

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Lisp = not my vote.

  • Backa Bock

    If Harper wants to win, all he has to do is kill the TFW program, and strengthen laws to employ local workers. So if he loses, keep that in mind.

  • ontario john

    Is this country being taken over by leftist loons? We have the NDP taking power in Alberta where they will quickly destroy the economy, we have a homosexual leftist government in Ontario, the united church observer wants us all to take illegal drugs and Quebec wants to pass a law proclaiming animals are sentient, making everyone a cannibal who eats a burger.

    • shasta

      You are a little late to the party – it has been going on for at least the last fifty years.

    • DD_Austin

      Animals are sentient,
      And also tasty
      People quit eating cattle, they’ll go the way of the buffalo

  • Edubeat

    Well folks there goes the neighborhood. Anybody here willing to head for Baffin Island. I’d like to hitch a ride.

  • kkruger71

    I can already hear the excuses in my head as to why, three years into power, everything collapsing is Harpers fault.
    “If only the world economy blah, blah, blah, our programs would have worked. If only the opposition had not fought this, blah, blah, blah, that program would have worked. If only people had of rallied behind the idea, blah, blah, blah, those programs would have worked.”

  • Alain

    Of course no reason to question the polls, since Mulclair is so well known and so famous.

  • cmh

    it really makes no difference who leads because it is the unelected supreme court who is really running this country.