Memo to the media: Residential schools were created by the era’s progressive “experts”

Contrary to what the media and “social justice” activists want you to believe Liberal Party has, historically, been the party behind the residential schools and other First Nations grievances.

  • Ssshhh… facts are bad.

  • Clausewitz

    Remember the truth is no longer a defense in Canada when dealing with the left leaning MSM.

  • Frances

    Once heard Rev. Margaret Waterchief speak on this topic. She had attended an Anglican residential school (not sure whether as boarder or day-student). Her comments were to the effect that the teachers at the school were really great and encouraged her to go on to higher education. She encountered problems only when she left that school and had to take the bus to the nearby town; fellow students on the bus seriously prejudicial and vocal with it. Her take on the problem was that was more alcohol than the schools.

    That is not to say there were never abuses at the schools. But there were also workers there dedicated to help the students and their families transition from a stone-age society to the world in which they now had to live. And said workers were not paid well and shared the same poor rations as the students.

  • i.e Liberals?