Italian mafia made a killing from migrant detention scams

Italian police have arrested 44 people accused of being part of a wide-ranging mafia network that earned thousands of euros fixing public contracts to run centres for migrants…

…Yesterday, as more members of the mob were arrested, investigators revealed how Mr [Luca] Odevaine demanded a kickback of €1 a day per migrant from a group seeking a contract to run Italy’s largest camp, Cara di Mineo in Sicily, where up to 4000 asylum-seekers are housed…

…“This confirms the seriousness of the links between politics, business and criminality in the handling of reception, which is a serious violation of the rights of migrants,” Gennaro Migliore, the MP who heads a parliamentary inquiry into reception centres in Italy, said.

More on this story at The Local.

I have often wondered at the curious lack of protest in Italy (except in the north, which has a different culture from the corrupt south).  More pieces are fitting into the puzzle.  

  • DMB

    They all need to be “sleeping with the fishes”.

    • Frau Katze

      Damn right!

  • Alain

    I really do have difficulty nowadays distinguishing the difference between the Mafia, 99% of politicians and lawyers. They all seem to be pretty much the same.