Greenfield: New York Times Refused to Vet Obama, is Vetting Rubio’s Wife’s Driving Skills

“Forget all those Clinton slush funds, Rubio’s wife is a bad driver.”

The media refused to vet Obama or investigate minor areas of his life, like his ties to Chicago’s corrupt political culture, associates and backers who later went to jail, or his basic claims about his own background.

But it continues its proud tradition of breaking major news stories about Republican candidates. Like all the traffic violations Rubio’s wife racked up…

  • just a thought

    Chirstina Mathews mind is crystal clear, empty as a vacuum. The noises coming out of his mouth are just random quantum artifacts of the continuing collapse of a left handed anti-matter wave dysfunction anomaly. Don’t try to make sense of them. If you do , you are liable to hurt yourself, and/or someone you love.

  • Xavier

    There’s some, um, spirited discussion on other blogs that the information about Rubio’s wife was supplied to the NYT by a Hillary PAC; the NYT has denied that but the paper trail is unconvincing.

    Pundits have been predicting she would start attacking if her numbers fell, and they dropped significantly this week.

    • Frau Katze

      Hillary is a positive Houdini when it comes to weaseling her way out of problems.

  • mauser 98

    NYT’s ?? entire US media hid under the bed ,,,refused to investigate Barry Barack Hussein Dunham Soebarkah Bounel Soetoro Obama’s past

    fake GOP pundits Coulter ,Hannity ,Limbaugh , Mark Levin , Michael Savage say Obama lies all the time………. except about his past
    they trash any one who questions Barry’s past as crazy ,insane and worse.

    Oliver Stone said he will not make a movie about Obama’s early years.. “nothing there”

    Scott Walkers high school records being investigated by many news sources
    Romney boy scout records examined
    reporter rented house next to Sarah Palin’s house

    Cruz, Rubio , Santorum , Jindal are ineligible to be POTUS

  • Hard Little Machine

    The funny thing is that man whore Chris Balloonhead Matthews has a near psychotic hatred of the Clintons. But he’s happy to kiss their wrinkled fat asses if it keeps him close to power.