Gates of Vienna: Saying the Unsayable

“We want right to enter UK legally”

So says the crude handmade banner held up by a group of hoodied MENA* young men standing in a street in Calais, France.

Of course they do. One is tempted to remark that “I want right to enter USA legally”, but I’m not going to get it. Oddly, I understand and accept that the USA can’t just let in everybody who wants to migrate to the country.

What do these young MENA men have to offer the UK? It is an obvious question that rarely seems to be asked in our era, perhaps because it is now deemed irrelevant. What happened to make this so?

It seems pretty fundamental to me that a state admits immigrants based on that state’s needs.

If these MENA men were admitted would they become hard-working, law-abiding taxpayers and civil citizen contributors who would add to the social capital of the nation?

Or would they just enlarge the largely hostile, pervasively unskilled and resolutely unassimilable horde of parasitic cultural invaders?…

And read Julius O’Malley’s follow-up: Italy Has a Problem

*MENA: Middle Eastern / North African

  • They are only going to transform the host country into the same crapholes they left. One might as well avoid the whole mess.

    • Frau Katze

      Yep, it’s going to be a disaster if this keeps up.

  • lolwut?

    You can’t have a first world country with a third world population.

    It’s that simple.

  • Genocide

    If a block is 80% Red, 10% Black and 10% Blue, what would the dominate color of that block be, and what color would be used to describe it to someone?

    If that block is repainted as 60% Red, 30 % Black and 10% Blue, what would the dominate color of that block be, and what color would be used to describe it to someone?

    If that block is yet again repainted and is 70% Black, 25% Red, 5% Blue, what would the dominate color of that block be, and what color would be used to describe it to someone?

    A Country is nothing but a collection of like mind-peopled banned together in territory that established as theirs.

    A Country with no collection of like minded-people will be divided and will be in a constant state of flux with regards to the territory it is contained in.

    A Country with small to large enclaves of like minded-people will be a Country at constant war with itself, with territory being cut up into enclaves inhabited by like-minded people.

    Multiculturalism has never worked where it has been tried, and yes it has been tried before. It takes a dictatorship or a religious theocracy (provided they adhere to the same religion) to keep the populace in-check, and even then violence between the differing groups is almost constant. Said States have always devolved into war along sectarian (Ethnic/Religious/Cultural) lines.

    Europe used to be a racially homogenous place inhabited by the European people and it’s many differing ethnic-groups with their very own identities, cultures, histories and Religions (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, etc).

    Today, the Europe is a multicultural and multiethnic hellhole. Violence rages everyday. Once safe Countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany) are rife with ra pes, mur ders, shootings, stabbings, and other violent actions. The main victims of these actions are the ethnic, indigenous Europeans.

    This did not happen organically. It didn’t happen over a long time-frame. This was a man-made disaster. No one asked Europeans if they wanted to be replaced in their own lands by foreign invaders. It has happened anyway.

  • Genocide

    What is taking place today is genocide.

    The definition of genocide is:

    the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

    This all applies to every European in their own homelands.

    Their national identity is being exterminated (European Union superseding National identity).

    Their racial identity is being exterminated (English, German, French, Swedish, etc.) people are now African, Arabic, Asian and others.

    Their political voice is being drowned out by the systemic replacement of them in their own homelands. Now, you have huge segments of the population who vote based on who promises to bring in more of their own kind (African, Arabic, Asian, etc.) completely at odds with the European people.

    European Culture is being reduced to silly caricatures of itself, and in a lot of cases being completely erased.

    Never doubt that the word ‘genocide’ fits our story perfectly.

    In all the Western World – has any leadership said anything about getting the European birthrate to increase? No. They instead replace the dying Europeans with fertile Africans and Muslims.

    Genocide. Understand it. We’re living it.

  • Everyone Else

    What 1st world NGO wrote the signs given to those Arabs to hold?

  • ed

    the uk is slowly turning into a third world shite hole ,I know I see it unfold on a daily basis [ed in this once green and pleasant land ]