Families of Chinese Ship Disaster Victims Allege Police Brutality

Surprise, surprise:

Relatives of passengers missing in the sinking of a cruise ship on the Yangtze River have accused Chinese police of beating them when they sought more information on the disaster.

Uniformed police trailed dozens of relatives who took to Shanghai’s streets on Wednesday in the hope of petitioning the city government, later ushering them into a building where they were prevented from speaking to the media, the family members said.

Scuffles between police and relatives broke out, according to video footage circulated on the Internet which showed police hitting and wrestling family members.

“I saw all of this unfold before my own eyes,” Huang Jing, 43, who had family on the ship, told Reuters.

A woman who said her husband Qin Jianping, and father-in-law, Qin Zhengming, were on the ship said: “Why are they using taxpayers’ money to bully us? Why are all these police here?”

Police were not immediately available for comment.

(Sidebar: I’ll bet they weren’t.)



  • ntt1

    turdo la doo really likes the ability to make policy on the fly like the Chinese do.. This is also why other thinking types reject the Chinese model. liking Chinese totalitarianism and fully embracing the ridiculous T&R commission, , the kid just isn’t all there. or if he is ,what presents itself is pretty horrendous.

    • He admires the basic dictatorship.

      • Martin B

        Any Chinese who dare to criticize or question their government in any way are lucky to just get a beating from the police, rather than being shot in the back of their heads and dumped in mass graves. Any fellow Liberal Party members who dare to criticize or question Shiny Pony’s policies on, say, abortion get tossed out of the Liberal Party. Different dictatorships, same impulse.

  • bob e

    probably some racism there too ..

  • P_F

    With hundred of thousands of Chinese, Filipinos, east indians & other new immigrants from third world countries entering Canadian workforce each year we soon should expect such incidents a norm in Canada.

    • ntt1

      The only ferry sinking in these parts was caused by two Caucasian crew members screwing on the floor of the wheelhouse and smacking into an island.

      • P_F

        Well said my friend.
        However, my comment was on the mishandling of the situation by the authorities & not on the incident itself.
        In the incident you are alluding to there were 101 passengers onboard ‘Queen of the North’ on that fateful day out of which only 2 were lost rest all were rescued in a very organized manner. And I don’t recall of any scuffle between the authorities & relatives of passengers neither were there any reports of mishandling of grieving relatives by the authorities.

        • ntt1

          True enough although the local Indians tried to get a check issued over diesel contamination of their oysters, I don’t believe that went anywhere.