#BoycottTims: The campaign is just getting started

I love Tim Hortons. But yesterday I found out they didn’t like me back.

  • I’ve been avoiding them as much as possible since they merged with Obama’s friend, Warren Buffett.

    What a bunch of maroons, as a well-known lagomorph might say.

    • The TFW was it for me.

      • Let Tim’s bake its donuts by the firelight then.

        • El Martyachi

          They stopped baking donuts ages ago. Frozen fare now.

          • This is why store-bought ones are better. They have a deep, rich chocolate icing that just transforms your consciousness. That is its power.

  • Frau Katze

    I was never in the habit of going there. Sure not going to start now.

  • El Martyachi

    How do executives this bad get to be executives? I mean.. their brand essence is Rah Rah Canada. to the Nth degree and they go after OIL? it’s our number 1 national export (over 25% last year). What the fuck is wrong with people? That’s a stake right through the heart of their brand.

  • P_F

    Well, Alberta oil sands issue is one thing for me it has more to do with business ethics.
    Any business which fails to support the local community will never get my business.
    Since timmy’s, Mcdonalds & others starting hiring TFW I avoid them as much as I can and timmy’s is at the top of the list.

  • Exile1981

    We have dozens of foreman coming in on monday for a review meeting to Calgary and the official word is that a independent bakery is providing the donuts since no tim’s products in the office.

    • Sean

      You’d be surprised how good the Safeway ones are.

  • vimy

    I sent an email to them and told them to go suck on a tailpipe in there drive thru I also sent them this picture

  • Martin B

    Only 28000 people had signed this idiotic petition when Tim Horton’s decided to pull the plug, and who knows how many of them were even Canadians:


    I don’t know offhand how many Canadians work in the oil & gas industry, but when you add them all up along with their families, it must be a helluva lot more than 28000 people. Companies with management this stupid & shortsighted deserve to go bankrupt.

    • El Martyachi

      Dollars to donuts most of those 28000 were Starbucks customers anyhow.

    • It is why I do not support online petitions in general.

  • vimy

    This was posted by “Edmonton Queen” over at the Globe and Mail comments section. Very interesting info.

    Edmonton Queen 2 hours ago

    Ms. Renzetti, I have serious problems with your article, “Tempest in a Tim Hortons Cup”. For starters, the whole thing smacks of bias. From your initial comparison of Tim Hortons as a “secular church” that is “mired in tar sands”, to your implication that the Canadian-led boycott over its yanking of the in-store Enbridge “Life Takes Energy” advertisements is a farcical, conservative ploy to convince people about the dangers of national child care and legalizing marijuana, you reveal yourself as just another liberal talking head.
    You unabashedly cast all supporters of the Tim Hortons boycott as “nuts” and “powerful fans of the oil sands” without even a hint of irony, and conveniently fail to note that the original backlash against Tim Hortons for contracting with Enbridge to run the ads was started by a radical, U.S.-based group that is ideologically opposed to Canada’s expansion of its energy market by any means, but especially via pipeline development.
    Tim Hortons is neither an untouchable secular church, nor is it an “obscure corner where Canadian culture, politics and snacking meet”. It is a corporate business, plain and simple, and is no longer a Canadian-controlled entity. It is now owned and controlled by 3G Capital (an investment company that operates out of New York and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), which in turn created Restaurant Brands International to operate both Tim Hortons and Burger King. Most importantly, Restaurant Brands International has significant ties to the Gulf Cooperation Council:
    “The Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC] was established in an agreement concluded on 25 May 1981 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia between: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE. These countries declared that the GCC is established in view of the special relations between them, their similar political systems based on Islamic beliefs, joint destiny and common objectives. The GCC is a regional common market with a defense planning council as well.”
    Is it just a coincidence that Tim Hortons, under Restaurant Brands International, wasted no time in bowing to foreign interests by cancelling in-store ads by Canadian petroleum company Enbridge, and meanwhile is actively engaged with opening more than double the total number of its Gulf locations in Saudi Arabia alone by 2018? Can you say conflict of interest?
    A journalist worth her salt would have at least noted these easily accessible background facts, regardless of how much weight she assigned to them. Ms. Renzetti, your article has forced me to yet again express my disappointment in the decline of journalism in Canada. This pervasive issue is precisely why I refuse to pay for subscriptions to any and all Canadian or other news media publications in print or online. Monopolies and over-regulation by the CRTC of cable television providers in Canada leave me with no option other than to pay additional premiums to receive news channels that aren’t fortunate enough to be classified as “mandatory carriage”.

    • Good find. The Globe’s columnists are growing more suspect by the day.

      Tim Horton’s is a Canadian as General Motors.

  • Petey

    I actually stopped going after they sold out to Burger King (or actually, 3G Capitol, I guess). The coffee was declining in quality anyway in the last few years.

    • It sucks as do their stores, they remind me oddly of Red Barn nowadays.

  • David Murrell

    Great piece by Ezra, and I agree with every word of it. The problem is that so few people showed up for his demo yesterdsy. The left-wing CBC News made a big thing aout the low turnout on their cruddy Web page.

    • BillyHW

      If there had been a high turnout, they wouldn’t have reported on it at all.