Because nothing says Romance like the Syrian atrocity cauldron…

Adil Charkaoui breaks his silence – Montreal Teens went to Syria for LOVE not to become Jihadis!

Q: You knew some of the 10 youths arrested at the airport. What can you tell me about them?

A: We heard that 10 youths were arrested and we were in total shock.

They were not talking of one or two, but 10 trying to reach a conflict zone, probably to join a terrorist group.

Then we investigated. I talked to three parents, including the father who alerted police.

And we learned that it’s five couples — five love stories — and the parents are against their marriage.

h/t Gisele

  • Is that so?

  • Exile1981

    He’s practicing the art of lying, it shows he’s a good devote muslim.

  • Frau Katze

    This sounds like a grab for cash

    Q: Why do you think so many people are focusing on your relationship to these youths?

    A: If I hadn’t been arrested under a security certificate would people still say the same thing? What about other teachers at the CCIEM or the CEGEP?

    It’s because my name is known.

    Now they say “It’s him again.”

    That’s why I’m suing the government. I want a formal apology from the federal government and compensation for all those years. I think getting my Canadian citizenship was an admission — it means I’m not a danger to society.

    But as long as there is no formal apology and compensation, like with Maher Arar, people can associate my name to anything.

    I’d like to also bring in the debate over the charter of values, in which I was very involved (as head of the Collectif québécois contre l’Islamophobie). People never forgave me.

    • Minicapt

      Since he was never forgiven, do we have the responsibility to punch him out on every public occasion?


  • Canadian

    Sure! Nothing says LOVE better than ISIS…