Baby Moose Rescued

This baby moose dreams of a better world. Or of fresh clover.

This baby moose dreams of a better world. Or of fresh clover.

A feel-good story:

A group of men travelling on a Labrador Highway Wednesday evening spotted a young moose stuck in a river and stopped to help — even with mother moose watching nearby.

Theodore Davis says he and his friend Ronnie Hamel, as well as two other men, were on the way to Cartwright from Newfoundland, at a bridge near Southwest Feeder Pond around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, when they spotted a young moose stuck in the water.

The mother moose was nearby, Davis said, but the young moose seemed to be tangled in alders and unable to get out.

“With mother close by, we were hesitant at first … but decided to try and help [the] little guy out,” Davis said in a message.

Davis said Hamel reached down to grab the young moose and wrapped his arms around it, lifted it out and carried it to a clear spot.

The young moose appeared to be very tired and didn’t try to run, he said.

Davis said when the two left the area, the young moose appeared to be recovering from the ordeal.

“We left and he was biting at some leaves or something, so it looks like he was gonna be fine,” said Davis.

  • Alain

    With so many destructive and evil people these days, it is good to see others like these fellows demonstrating human kindness. Thanks for this up-lifting post.

    • Cheers.

    • Frau Katze

      Totally agree. Nice to see a good news story. I spend so much time reading depressing stuff.

    • It brings a tear to my eye.

    • canminuteman

      Agreed, and this from a guy who hunts the tasty critters.

      • Alain

        Nothing wrong or abnormal about that. I have also hunted and still do at times. Being a hunter does not make one cruel or without compassion, but it does connect one with nature (true nature as opposed to the one imagined by so-called environmentalists) and our food source.