And the lesson for today, kids, is … Beheading For Allah

And the lesson for today, kids, is . . . ISIS beheads a Libyan soldier outside a mosque for ‘education purposes’ – and the youngsters don’t even seem shocked

  • pop

    Kiddies, be head yourselves! Stop being good!

  • PeterR

    We used to dissect dead worms in biology class – does that count?

  • k1992

    I wonder what a society based on such a casual, ingrained and accepted contempt for life would look like …. Oh wait, I know already: it would be a sharia state.

  • This is the heart and core of what Islam is.

    If you believe in God. Could Islam be the work of the devil?

  • Dana Garcia

    Allah apparently loves beheading. Chopping is a form of worship for Muzholians. Evil posing as religion — why does anyone still fall for it?