Stop tolerating intolerance, Canada

Canadians are incredibly generous people, perhaps to a fault.

Indeed, our deference in politeness and accommodating others is both a feature and a flaw of our country.

On the plus side, we are a tolerant, open and free society; the envy of the world.

That’s why so many people want to immigrate to Canada.

Occasionally, however, there are those who seek to abuse our generosity and undermine the values that make Canada great.

Case in point: A high school soccer tournament in Brampton that led to two girls from a Catholic school being sent off at half time, not for aggressive play or poor sportsmanship, but simply because they were girls.

  • David Murrell

    A good essay essay — but for once I would like to read about Islam-based bigotry in some other media outlet other than the Sun or the Post. The establishment media cartel completely censor these things. It’s like living in Russia.

  • Canadian Born

    Canadian government for a better word lacks the balls to say enough is enough of this BS. The rules have to be changed for the better to protect what our ancestors fought and died for. What the hell is the matter with the Canadian born people that we are not fighting this? The aboriginals are fighting for their cultural yet the people that their ancestors opened this country do nothing for ours. What a shame we are not protecting what should be protected.

  • JoKeR

    What intolerance?

  • Linda1000

    So are the two girls continuing to play soccer in that league? What was the resolution to this muslim problem of playing sports with girls, as the same two teams were to play against each other a few days later.
    The muslim team should just bugger off out of the soccer league if they can’t face female players. The girls should file an HRC complaint against everyone involved in this blatant discrimination.

    • As long as people allow it, this will happen.

      Remind the girls what cowards they are. Their “girl power” means nothing but their spinelessness says everything.

      • Linda1000

        So you are in the middle of a game, the coach and referee tell you there’s an issue with you playing or being on the field. Your team is winning, do you sit out the game for your team because the coach asks so the game can be completed or do you throw double hissy fits right then/there. It was an unexpected demand from the muslim team to not play with females (as if they didn’t see that there were two girls on the opposing team from the start). The girls didn’t have much choice during that one game but they should insist on being able to play the rest of their remaining games. It was the Catholic school coach and referee (adult authorities) who were the cowards for not standing up for their own players and for not telling the muzz team to take a hike, not the girls. The muzz team made an issue out of nothing because they were losing the game (not buying their B.S. about their crap religious rules). Wonder what the girls’ parents have to say.

        • My comment still stands.

          “Carla Briscoe was “in shock” when the all-male players of a rival high
          school soccer team raised concerns about playing against members of the
          opposite sex….

          Briscoe, who is one of only two female players on the Robert F. Hall team, has been left with some feelings of

          “I respect their culture and religion, and I don’t want to say anything bad about their religion just like I don’t
          want others to say anything bad about the Catholics. But I have my right to play as much as their right to religious freedom,” she said.”

          She didn’t stand up for herself. If the other team walked off, they would have been at fault for forfeiting the game.

          • Linda1000

            I didn’t read the article at your link before I posted. I see what you mean about her limp response. Both teams needed the goals to advance to the semi-finals so the Catholic team really didn’t want the ISNA team to forfeit the game. I think the rules should be made clear to all the league teams from now on though. What the girl said to the press and what she thought privately are probably quite different. 🙂 Anyway, it seems the muzz team did not advance, if I understood the article at the Hamilton link correctly.
            There are other sports teams that occasionally have mixed players like some little league hockey teams. I assume it’s to allow one or two girls to play when there isn’t enough demand or interest for an all girls team.

          • And yet everyone paves the way for this “progression”.

            Some progression.

          • Linda1000

            True, especially under Wynne’s education agenda with her semi-segregated muslim prayer sessions in school cafeterias. Can’t get over the girls forced to sit in the back of the room either. Next I suppose it will be segregated classrooms.

          • Where are the “girl power” people? Too worried over ripped jeans and not about Islamists?

  • Clear Thinker

    In Ontario athletics when a registered team refuses to take the field, they are in a serious violation of the rules. The coaches are suspended immediately until a hearing for their banning for at least one year, and the players are suspended from all play for that same year, and the school as a whole can have its’ whole athletic calendar suspended. Unless you like to chop off heads, segregate women, kill our friends in the gay community, and from time to time advocate for the nuclear incineration of Israel. If this is the new standard in Ontario, the athletic federations have just gone dhimmi.

    • Frau Katze

      There’s a lot of that — going dhimmi — about these days.

  • Any trailblazer in her own mind further destroyed whatever credibility the feminine capability cause may have had. If they cow to Muslim boys and their misogynist culture, those girls, the team and their backers are the biggest cowards, hypocrites and liars around. Screw them.

    We tolerate intolerance because ideologically we are mixed up and physically we are cowards.

  • jayme

    Cbc/Global/Ctv have all made major cuts to there news not a word from the feds but Rogers cutting multi culture news and the feds want Rogers to explain why.

  • Oracle9

    Andrew Lawton has a great segment on his podcast today on just this subject. He nails it! Great for the quick talking points. 30:00 to 38:00 of the podcast.

    The rest of it is excellent too. Michelle Malkin on the disgusting leftist Obamination “you didn’t build that”.