Obama warns Israel could lose US support at UN

Barack Obama has warned that America’s veto in support of Israel at the UN is increasingly “difficult” because of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wavering stance on a Palestinian state.

Mr Obama said the lack of progress in peace efforts, and Mr Netanyahu’s apparent about-turn on support for a two-state solution before and after the recent Israel elections, mean Israel is in danger of losing “credibility”.

  • David Murrell

    Spoken like a true anti-Semite.

    • The Butterfly

      Spoken like a true muslim.

      • Alain

        Same thing.

  • Clink9

    Gee Obama, with friends like you, who needs enemies?

  • Ottawa Eyes
  • Norman_In_New_York

    And what would happen if the UN passed these resolutions?

    • Hard Little Machine

      Truly an interesting question. All these countries threaten economic warfare anyway. And if the US tosses the Jews under the bus at the UN then Israel has enough technological arrows in its quiver to use against the US as well. Particularly in the arenas of medical technology, computers, materials science and metallurgy, security, aerospace and avionics. What I imagine would happen is that Israel would abandon the west altogether and seek strong relationships with India, China, the Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Australia and Taiwan. This is going to be an Asian Century anyway whereas Europe has one more generation before it dies and the US has about 2.

      • just a thought

        From some things I’ve read, I think Israel already has some, if not all, of those irons in the fire. Your move, America and Europe. Don’t screw it up!

  • Waffle

    Body language is the big reveal.

  • just a thought

    Trying to bully America’s only real ally, not just in the M.E., but the world, into capitulating to those who made 9/11 possible by pioneering suicide bombing and airline hijacking is beyond folly (while he’s the worst, he’s not at all alone among all political groups). What can one say, except that the putative “leader” of the free world is a lunatic malicious suicidal ignoramus, And I fear I’ve greatly understated the problem.

  • just a thought

    While Obama threatens Israel for not submitting to paleo scum, he’s peculiarly silent on Egypt, which has dramatically repudiated his meddling.
    Maybe Israel should take a page from Egypt’s playbook?

  • Clausewitz

    What support??

  • I’m sure Israel cares what Obama thinks.