Lunatic Headed For Khomeini Fest Stopped At Border

Kevin Barrett, whacked out editor of the even more whacked out Veteran’s Today got stopped at the border.

He was scheduled to speak at Zafar Bangash’s Khomage to Khomeini’s rotten corpse.

His lamentation may be read here –Canada Bans Charlie Hebdo Conspiracy Theories.

Personally I would have let the nutter in if only to watch the tape of his scheduled talk.

  • Gary

    This is also the nubar that pushes the 9/11 theory that Chretien and Bush used NORAD to take over the 4 Passenger planes and replace with bomb laden drones flown by remote control top create a false-flag attack to invade Iraq as part of keeping Oil at $25.00 a barrel.

    Boy, talk about a failed plan because Oil hit a new high for the close at about $147.40 a barrel around 2008 .
    The CBC did their 10th anniversary special for 9/11 and ran the video about that theory that Bush and Chretien murdered 3000 civilians to get into Iraq for the Oil.
    Funny how Chretien never complained or demanded the CBC pull the video.

  • wallyj180

    I think the books and Khomeini gig are all part of a plot by the University of Ottawa to put him into a teaching position.
    Details aren’t necessary,you just gotta believe.

  • Maggat

    “But Canada’s Zionist-dominated Harper regime had other ideas.” I thank you Mr. Prime Minister, again, you are doing your job as you should.
    Now please STOP immigration from islamic countries.

  • Minicapt

    There was no mention of batons and beatings; obviously they failed to treat him with appropriate firmness.