ISIS Supporter’s Home in Winnipeg Is Raided

RCMP in Winnipeg have raided the home of an ISIS supporter known by the alias Harun Abdurahman and seized what’s believed to be computer equipment

Neighbours say undercover officers have been watching the home in the city’s southwestern neighbourhood of Charleswood for months.

RCMP took out garbage bags containing what appeared to be computer towers.

It’s unknown if Abdurahman has been arrested.


  • I am shocked.

    • Try to remain calm.

    • dagawker


      • Helios Megistos

        Mohammedans only understand force; might is right!

  • Helios Megistos
  • eMan14

    Wonderful. His father is or was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces. His son a suspected terrorist.
    A great example of why we cannot allow Muslims en masse to immigrate to our country. We will get some good ones, but with absolutely no guarantee any others, even offspring, won’t turn bad.

    • Helios Megistos

      The “armed forces ” of Canada are full of fifth columnists; the same goes for CSIS! In Honcouver, I observed a giant drill of all of the region’s cadets and they were at least 80% Chinese; the naivety of the top brass knows no bounds! If the powers that be do not do what must be done, I swear to Jove that I will go George Washington on them; remember that at the beginning of the American revolution only about 1 % were on board!

  • Petrilla

    Why is his new name an alias. It is obviously his new name. Harun Abduraman. Obviously he did not like his Canadian name. Let’s just heave him out of Canada. With is new name and take his Canadian passport away from him forever. Why does a traitor like this deserve one minute of any real Canadians time? Go to jail traitor.
    Innocent until’proven guilty, don’t even know his name. I and I suspect most Canadians agree with me. Any born Canadian who turns to IS is a traitor and deserves the death penalty. I challenge you to do a poll.

  • The__Hammer

    Al Starzerra did a big story on him back in February that includes an interview:

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    We have to prevent radicalization?
    Especially CJOB.
    Especially CJOB.