How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars for Haiti ­and Built Six Homes

The Red Cross received an outpouring of donations after the quake, nearly half a billion dollars.EMMA_Haiti_Case_Study[1]

The group has publicly celebrated its work. But in fact, the Red Cross has repeatedly failed on the ground in Haiti. Confidential memos, emails from worried top officers, and accounts of a dozen frustrated and disappointed insiders show the charity has broken promises, squandered donations, and made dubious claims of success.

The Red Cross says it has provided homes to more than 130,000 people. But the actual number of permanent homes the group has built in all of Haiti: six.

After the earthquake, Red Cross CEO Gail McGovern unveiled ambitious plans to “develop brand-new communities.” None has ever been built.

…The Red Cross won’t disclose details of how it has spent the hundreds of millions of dollars donated for Haiti.

…The Red Cross kept soliciting money well after it had enough for the emergency relief that is the group’s stock in trade. Doctors Without Borders, in contrast, stopped fundraising off the earthquake after it decided it had enough money. The donations to the Red Cross helped the group erase its more-than $100 million deficit.

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    Hmm. This calls for an audit by the Internal Revenue Service into the Red Cross’s compliance with the requirements to maintain tax exempt status. Oh, wait, the Red Cross does not espouse political conservatism.

  • Frances

    Would like to see how the Canadian Red Cross dispersed the donations for the Alberta flood of 2013.

    • pike bishop

      Ditto: Nepal
      Stealing from earthquake victims, real classy.

  • mauser 98

    ………Clinton fingers in every pie…silence from media
    Haitians Protest Clinton Foundation Over Missing Recovery Cash
    “living in tents, while Bill Clinton and his cronies are wasting this money.”

    • Frau Katze

      That deserves a quote

      The Clinton Foundation is facing protests due to its mismanagement of resources for the post-earthquake recovery efforts of Haiti.

      Five years after a disastrous earthquake ripped through the small island nation, disturbing reports of a lack of progress in the country’s recovery have angered many Haitian Americans.

      The country is still in ruin. Only 900 homes have been built in the last five years even though over $10 billion was donated from the international community to help rebuild Haiti.

      The Clinton Foundation, which led fundraising efforts for the recovery, has been the focus of many protests.

      One protester from Harlem said, “These people – they are still living in very difficult conditions, living in tents, while Bill Clinton and his cronies are wasting this money.”

    • Uncle_Waspy

      The Clintons are as sleazy as it gets. Not to defend them, but that line about the average charity spending 75% of its donations on programs and services is completely bogus. Even the United Way was blasted by its own auditors for gobbling up most of every donated dollar in administration expenditures.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      Politicians are getting into the Rape of America along with Big Business.

  • Frau Katze

    The Red Cross has made some mistakes in their day. (I’m not really familiar with the Haiti case but I did read quite a bit about tainted blood back in days before there was a test for HIV).

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      That episode was an earlier example of political correctness gone wild.

  • I’ve heard bad things about the Red Cross. I don’t know anything first-hand, but people I’d be inclined to trust, who’ve seen them in action, have told me that it’s a charity they wouldn’t donate to in a million years.

    • Uncle_Waspy

      The Red Cross was at the heart of the hepatitis C tainted blood scandal years ago. Seems they had a dirty little secret: They were getting a good portion of their blood donations from US prison inmates, and they weren’t properly testing the blood.

      • pike bishop

        Arkansas state prison?

        • Minicapt

          … when Billy-Jeff was governor …


        • Uncle_Waspy

          From prisons all over the country.

          • pike bishop

            To include Arkansas…right.
            The Clintons have been dirty since me and Jesus were rough-necking.

  • simus1

    This would be the same American Red Cross that ran a totally bogus “emergency blood donor drive” after 9-11 to hog the spotlight. There was hardly any additional requirement for blood transfusions or blood products because the overwhelming number of casualties from terrorism were DOA. It was just trolling for names and addresses of those it would pester for money later. Much of the the massive amounts of blood collected went stale dated in storage facilities and was later dumped.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The IRC and the ARC have been tacitly antisemitic for almost a century. They did nothing to help the Jews of Europe in the 40’s they’ve been opposed to Israel since day one and even worked to stop MDA from coming into existence. Fuck them and their Haitian houses.

  • Raymond Hietapakka
  • David Murrell

    Good article, but note at the end of it that it was co-produced by Nationa

  • DMB

    Not one cent of foreign aid money will ever help Haiti. The only thing that will save that country is if they attempt and succeed in bringing in a tourism industry. Every other Caribbean nation has a tourist industry is far better off than Haiti including communist Cuba.

    • mauser 98

      ‘been to Haiti twice , Dominican Republic many times .. many there say Haiti beaches were absolute the best in the world.. they chopped down forest , foliage etc and clay ran downhill destroying same

      • DMB

        I never heard of anyone vacationing in Haiti before unless one considers going there as a humanitarian aid worker?

        • mauser 98

          cruise ship pulled up to deserted beach ,, back in the 80’s