4 soldiers shot dead in Thailand’s insurgency-plagued south

Security officers collect evidence from the scene. (Photo by Maluding Tido). Source.

Four soldiers were killed in an attack by suspected insurgents on a rural road in the country’s violence-plagued south on Wednesday, police said.

The soldiers were traveling in a personal car when a group of more than five suspected insurgents started to open fire at them on a road in Raman district in Yala province, police Col. Lukman Bakoh said.

He said the attackers used rifles until the vehicle stopped, then they pulled the officers from the vehicle and fired at them repeatedly.

Lukman said the suspected militants also stole three rifles and a pistol from the soldiers before fleeing the scene.

Yala is one of the three Muslim-majority provinces in predominantly Buddhist Thailand…

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The explosion occurred late last night when a bomb placed in a pick-up truck parked on Highway 42 near Ban Khok Chan village in tambon Tuyong was detonated while a six-wheel truck loaded with soldiers of Infantry Company 2533 of the Pattani Task Force was passing by.

The two vehicles were engulfed in flames after the explosion…


  • P_F

    Okay let’s get it straight; They were not ‘insurgents’ or ‘militants’ BUT ‘mohammedan Terrorists’.

    • Frau Katze

      The media have been calling them “militants” since at least 9/11.

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    Ah, the benefits of allowing Muslim infiltration into your country just never cease.

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    Is there any place in the world that muslims don’t make worse by their presence?