Toronto Public Library: Ann Coulter “Offensive”, Hitler Not So Much…

Above is a screen-cap from the Toronto Public Library web site for Ann Coulter’s latest book Adios America. Note it’s been re-titled “Offensive”.

Below is screen-cap for Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kamph, no re-titling at all…   h/t HG

Adolph Hitler TPL

  • Frau Katze

    Typical. Sadly.

    • The Butterfly

      The truth really bothers some people, like librarians.

      • This goes against the their own code of conduct and official stance on free speech.

        The left are truly the new Nazis.

        • Speaksvolumes

          emailed them to ask why. Here’s the response:

          “Offensive” was the pre-publication title when this book was ordered in 2014. The new title will be updated on the library’s website tomorrow. Please note that the title has not yet been received by the library.


          Nidal Rizkallah
          Manager, Cataloguing
          Toronto Public Library

    • Alain

      Another example of neo-marxist infiltration.

  • Scaramouche

    The really weird thing is that you cannot find the Coulter book under its real name–Adios, America–in the TPL catalogue. You can only find by searching for “Offensive.”

    I think some little hard-leftist librarian is punking us, and having a good laugh at our expense.

  • Skippy The Intern strikes again.

  • tom_billesley

    “Offensive” is a great book title. It’d sell better under that title.

  • Exile1981

    The marigold library system in Alberta tried to cull books earlier this year. The vp went around to various rural libraries pulling and burning books she personally disagreed with.

  • Maggat

    All politics and ideologies aside, Ann Coulter is a damn sight better looking Adolph.

  • Editor

    As a publicly funded institution, shouldn’t we expect a little more professionalism?

    • One of my readers is a Librarian, they hold free speech in high regard – typically.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Every time you borrow a book, bring it home and put your own book cover on it. One with a swastika. Then return it that way.

  • David Murrell

    The reason for this? Anne Coulter is a Jew; Hitler exterminated Jews.