The Christian communities helping to heal Iraq’s wounds

Iraq remains a dangerous and difficult place for everyone there but especially for its religious and ethnic minorities. Assassinations, kidnappings for ransom, expulsions from villages and towns of whole communities and illegal occupation of properties remain common throughout the country.

The Ecumenical delegation of bishops, which went to Iraq recently, as guests of the Chaldean Catholic Church, heard horrendous stories of people being frog-marched out of their houses, villages and towns, their property confiscated by ‘Islamic State’ or simply taken over by erstwhile neighbours. Women and children are missing and many of the younger men were simply murdered.

  • ontario john

    And where are the mainline liberal churches in the West, while Christians are being raped and murdered around the world? Well they are very busy being cozy with islam, wringing their hands over whiny indians and homosexuals and of course the environmental loons. But the united church has the answer to everything. In the united church observer website is a story that gives the answer for the world’s problems. We should all take illegal drugs. Yes they are excited about the benefits to church goers and their clergy if they could just experience the wonders of taking LSD and other drugs. It increases getting in touch with the spiritual universe.

  • Frau Katze

    They even have nuns from India helping.

    The Indian sisters from Kerala are doing a magnificent job in providing primary health care for those in and around Erbil. The Iraqi orders are providing some education for the children but many young boys seem to be out of school.

    • The nuns always did.

      Catholic schools help erode the caste system in India.

  • We can solve this problem (partially at least) by arming Christians and letting them go medieval on “restive” Muslim populations.

    It’s clear the rest of the world doesn’t give a sh– about them.