Pallywood Executives Mull Reboot Of Blood Libel Franchise – satire

A number of indie – short for indifada – studios specialize in adapting the blood libel cachet to current goings-on

unnamed-5Pallywood, June 2 – Studio executives in this field know an international sensation when they see one, often before most others do.

That ability is what gives an edge in the media production industry, where the right staging, editing, and cropping of videos can make the difference between a compelling indictment of Israeli policies and just another pathetic attempt to slander the IDF.

Increasingly, rather than pursue new formulas and ideas, those executives are relying on old standbys that have proven ability to generate the right reaction. Chief among those is the classic blood libel, in which Jews are accused of murdering non-Jewish children for the ritual use of blood.

Franchise reboots of this sort play on both nostalgia and excitement for a new take on a familiar theme.

While the strictest form of the blood libel – Jews kneading the blood of a murdered non-Jewish child into their Passover matza – remains popular in much of the Muslim world, in Pallywood executives see greater potential in interpreting “Jews” as the State of Israel, and in replacing blood in matza with more up-to-date forms of exploitation such as organ harvesting.

Thus they aim to tap into a growing market of anti-Israel sentiment in the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, and wherever anyone seeks a reason to hate Jews…

Only slightly exaggerated.