How South African Zulu king’s spending drove his purse-holder to madness

The former purse-holder for South Africa’s Zulu king has told how the monarch’s endless spending on his six wives, 27 children and six palaces left him feeling he would “die from stress”.

According to media reports, Lucas Buthelezi, the director of King Goodwill Zwelethini’s taxpayer-funded trust, said that “whatever” the powerful royal asked for “he got”.

Spending quickly spiralled out of control when he demanded a £6,000 set of cutlery and a new television for each of his wives because one did not have one.

  • BillyHW

    And he probably got rich selling his own people into slavery.

  • Hard Little Machine

    So he’s in FIFA?

  • Imagine if his cult had the appeal of Islam.

  • cmh

    the sign of a true King

  • tom_billesley

    Spends like a Native American chief.

  • Dana Garcia

    The Zulu royal family’s misadventures would make a fine comedy series, The Perils of Polygamy.

  • Alain

    Not to worry just keep pouring in all that foreign aid. It always goes to a good cause.

  • DMB

    The African chief will get honorary membership into Canada’s Indian reserves. Many of Canada’s corrupt Indian chiefs will take pointers from them on how to lower the bar on running a tribe.