Elder of Ziyon: Unique Palestinian definition of “refugees” now extends to “displaced persons” in Israel itself

Israeli Arabs at the beach in Tel Aviv: Though a mainly Muslim minority, they are in no hurry to leave. Source.

A recent “Nakba” story, published in Palestine News Network, includes this factoid:

Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) are the largest and longest-standing case of displaced persons in the world today. There are at least 7.7 million displaced Palestinians including 360,000 IDPs in Israel, representing 66 percent of the entire Palestinian population (12.1 million) worldwide. Among them are 5.0 million who are registered with and assisted by the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

We’ve debunked the idea of 7 million Palestinian Arab refugees dozens of times, pointing out that no other group’s refugee status is inherited forever.

But doing the same for “internally displaced persons” is new for me…

One often hears of Israeli Arabs complaining: they remind of whiners in the West. They are not interested in leaving Israel.

Earlier attempts at negotiations with the Palestinians that involved swapping land where Arabs lived went nowhere — they did not want to be part of a new Palestine.

  • One day hopefully, all Arabs will leave Israel. Perhaps that will happen when Europe and all Western countries decide the only solution to the Islam problem is to expel all Muslims back to Muslim countries. On that day, Israel will hopefully do the same without hesitation. If its leadership at the time is wise…

    I should add that in my personal opinion, Israel would be a paradise on earth were we not burdened with Arabs inside and around us. They are simply useless.

  • cmh

    so much for the Jew’s promised land…they can’t even worship on their holiest site FFS.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Nakba is for losers. The purpose of the internal displacement ruse is for poverty pimps to bilk the taxpayers that fund the international agencies.

  • bob e

    look at those poor, ugly, fat, smelly muslimas sweating
    profusely in da’ sun. what a crime !!

  • Gary

    Things are so bad for these people that the UN lists the women at #3 for the Global obesity crisis and the men at #8 . The population has also gone up 400% since 1948, that’s some genocide and starvation where the population grows 400% and they now have an obesity problem.