Cherson & Molschky: Muslim History: 50 Rupees for the Head of a Sikh

Torture of Sikh Women & children by Mughals. Source: Brutality of ISIS is the copy of what Mughals did with Sikhs of Punjab

“Fifty rupees for a decapitated head of a Sikh. Ten rupees paid to anyone giving information which leads to the arrest of a Sikh.”

These were the rewards given by the Muslim governor of Punjab to exterminate the Sikhs from the 17th to 18th century.

Sikhism which originated in Punjab in the 16th century was in conflict with Islam because Sikh ethos of One God & One Humanity clashed with Islamic ideals of One Allah & two Humanities (Infidels and believers).

The Islamic doctrine of bringing infidels to the fold of Islam forcefully, abduction of non-Muslim women and countless slaughters of infidels for centuries under Islamic rule were unacceptable to a new religion that was sprouting up in India, called Sikhism…

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