UK: Oxford decides to debate whether Britain owes reparations to former colonies, produces a poster and all hell breaks loose: Poster condemned as racist

The Oxford Union has passed a motion condemning itself as institutionally racist after a flyer was posted advertising a cocktail called the “Colonial Comeback”, to be served at a debate about the British Empire.

The flyer, which featured an image of a pair of black hands shackled in chains under the heading “Reparations Debate Cocktail”, prompted an outcry from students and sharp condemnation from the university…

…The poster was produced for a debate last week entitled “This house believes Britain owes reparations to her former colonies”. Speakers included Sir Richard Ottaway, a former Conservative MP; Shashi Tharoor, an Indian politician; and John Mackenzie, a British historian.

Students expressed outrage on Twitter and the matter was investigated at a heated meeting of the union standing committee on Monday. The racism motion is reported to have been proposed by the treasurer Zuleyka Shahin…

Reparations to former colonies? WTF?  


  • Exile1981

    Oh good, my relative lived in Acadia and where evicted to the US by the English, can I get reparations please?

  • They owe 8 trillion dollars for what they did to Germany during WW2. And another 8 trillion for each Britcom they produce that isn’t funny. Canada is also a colony so I demand the Queen’s tiara.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Does that include Scotland, Ireland and Wales?

    • Frau Katze

      Likely…the British sent people from there. Not really sure though.

    • canminuteman

      Since the Scottish Irish and Welsh are all British I would assume, yes.

      • Not the Irish.

        • canminuteman

          It’s complicated. Ireland is part of the British Isles, The main island is England Scotland and Wales, Northern Ireland is Part of the United Kingdom, which is usually referred to As Britain, even though the full name is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. So Northern Ireland is part of Britain, the Republic of Ireland is not part of Britain, but it is part of the British Isles.

          • I thought it was “the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”.

          • canminuteman

            It is, Great Britain refers to the main island that most of England Wales and Scotland is on. The British Isles refers to the thousands of Islands off the coast of Europe including, Great Britain, Ireland, Sark, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, inner Hebrides, Outer Hebrides, Arran, and thousands upon thousands of other islands with and without names.

  • Martin B

    Getting colonized by the British was the ONLY good thing that ever happened to most of those backward shit holes.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Dear Colonies,
      You’re welcome for British Civilization.
      Too bad most of you can’t seem to sustain now that you’re on your own.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I prefer a Singapore Sling myself.

    • Palidor

      At least the drinks were on sale. I’d need to be fairly tipsy in order to swallow this tripe.

  • Bataviawillem

    This is rich, they developed these colonies and got them out of the stone age and now they have to pay for the service they gave the colonies?

  • DD_Austin

    Actually this is a good thing… if it’s a honest debate
    It should expose the “reparations” crowd for the third world panhandlers they are.
    if it isn’t an honest debate
    if should expose the “oxford” crowd for the the third world panhandlers they are…