UK: Muslim attempts to extort payout for accidentally being served Pork

Furious Muslim man demands £5,000 payout – because he was ‘served PORK’

Karim Kazane, 23, slammed Zizzi as “disgraceful” and “insensitive” after he apparently discovered pepperoni – which is not halal – in his meal.

He claimed to have “lost trust in eating out” since the incident in 2012, saying: “I believe Zizzi have taken that social freedom [I] once had away.”

Kazane said his meal was advertised as containing beef and chicken, which are both halal – but not pork.


I think I will start asking whether menu items are halal or not and if served food that has been subjected to cult practices demand a payout.

  • Hard Little Machine

    If you don’t eat something you’re served you don’t have a course of action to sue.

  • vanhetgoor

    This must be a mistake, in the koran is clearly written that any food is halal when it is sold as halal or when it is named as halal. So the claim is foolish and leads to nothing.

  • The pig community should be compensated for being placed in touch with filthy Muslim monsters.

    • David Murrell

      Go pigs!!

  • simus1

    Er, “containing beef and chicken” is not a valid claim that the Zizzi restaurant dish is definitely halal, even if the affronted journalist customer might have had inside knowledge that some meat items are from halal sources.

    Their faq says:
    “Does Zizzi serve Halal meat?

    Zizzi is not a Halal restaurant, as all our restaurants serve pork, beef and chicken and we do not have specific handling policies that ensure final dishes are Halal.
    Currently the roasted chicken used in our pizza, pasta. spiedini pollo and salad dishes are Halal at source. The chicken breast used in our Pollo Prosciutto dish is from a different supplier whose chicken is not Halal at source. All other meat at Zizzi is not Halal
    At Zizzi we are committed to ensuring our food is of great quality and we are committed to animal welfare. As such our chicken suppliers adhere to the standards set by the British Retail Consortium and our chicken also meets the ‘5 freedoms on the farm’ initiative as defined by the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC).

    The twit in question has been riding this issue for three years? Wow.

  • David Murrell

    Karim Kazan should attend oned of our weekly Sunday lunches, at our small Baptist church. Plenty of pork dishes served, lunch meat and sausages, etc. He’d love it.

  • pdxnag

    What about being fed food that has been sanctioned by some Islamic Voodoo Doll, and where a cut of the price has been reserved for delivery to the Head Choppers United fund? This ghastly stuff should make any sane human puke in disgust. Do they get a “sedition” (religious) exemption to having a food handler card too when serving their putrid cud?

  • tamimisledus

    Let’s us be clear about this. Pork is never ever halal.
    It does not seem he was bothered about beef and chicken. These are halal only when slaughtered in accordance with islamic laws, and a muslim imam has pronounced the relevant islamic “prayer” over the animal.
    It seems that this individual was too negligent to find out that pepperoni is a spicy pork sausage, not halal. Was he also too negligent to find out whether the beef and chicken were halal, if that was part of his meal?

    I was infuriated some time ago to hear a muslim commentator arrogantly say that it was the responsibility of someone opposed to halal (which strictly speaking should only be supplied to muslims) to establish whether the food served in a restaurant was not halal. (and that is not always easy to do, I can assure)
    Similarly, this incident is one more sign that these primitive muslim barbarians expect to have their views imposed on our society, and that in accordance with islam, they can treat the views of non-muslims with contempt.

    • vanhetgoor

      Halal food is is only ‘halal’ when certified, and a lot of uncontrollable mumbo jumbo. The animal should die when it is told a lie by the butcher that slaughters it, but that is replaced by a continues recorder tape that is played.

      Even pigs meat is ‘halal’ when it is sold as ‘halal’, don’t forget islam is silly nonsence. Halal is silly nonsence too, because it can’t be checked, it can’t verified. And when the koran was written they knew that. Therefor everything sold as ‘halal’ is ‘halal’ and that is caused by a great danger, if I declare food NOT to be halal, then the food is from that time on forbidden for all moslems, starvation will be the end of all muzzlemans. Learn to think!

      • tamimisledus

        Sorry to say, you have got this all wrong.
        It is allah with his laws who defines what is halal (permitted) and what is not halal. Those laws come to us via the koran. A human being cannot change the laws of allah. S/he cannot change that by eating a product that is not halal. S/he cannot change that by attaching a false label of certification to a non-halal product.

        A certificate which has been issued in accordance with the rules of a recognised certification body guarantees that the item (animal or otherwise) is halal. A certificate by any authority (halal certified or not) cannot make a non-halal product halal. Remember it is allah who determines whether something is or is not halal.
        Where you may be getting confused is that in extremis, muslims are allowed by allah to ignore allah’s rules. For example, to save his life, a muslim can eat pork. However even in this circumstance, pork is still, as always, halal. That does not change.

        [In a similar vein, in the fillm “North West Frontier”, a muslim was offered alcohol (which he refused). Now, if refusal could have led to his death, he could have accepted. The alcohol would still not be halal.]
        No doubt those responsible for halal certification have determined that a recording is sufficient to meet the requirements as allah would see them for certification. [Maybe allah just did not think through how many real imams would be required for feeding 1.5 billion muslims!]

        Whether food is halal can be checked when it has a halal certification sign on it. (Not that does not mean that all halal food will have a certificate)

        As I said earlier, only allah can declare something to be halal, you personally cannot declare something to be halal or non-halal. (unless of course you are allah, which I think very unlikely)

        Now if you have any koranic verse, with islamic jurisprudence rulings if necessary, that contradict what I have said, I would only to glad to reassess the views above which I believe are firmly based on islamic belief and practice.
        I would like to avoid any response from you based on your (understandably) negative view of muslims. So I now make you aware of the fact that I am not a muslim, indeed I am as far from being a muslim as one can get.
        One finally point. Just because islam is nonsense, that does not mean you can play fast and loose with what it actually contains.

  • tamimisledus

    This is the correct link to the source article in the Express Newspaper.

  • tom_billesley

    You can get halal pepperoni

    • tamimisledus

      Is this Quorn “Pepperoni” which contains no pork? Or another vegetarian pepperoni substitute?

      If not, please tell us the name of the product and whether or not any halal certification body has ever certified it as halal.

    • tamimisledus

      Update: Your Pic just appeared.

      Although extremely unusual, pepperoni does not have to contain pork, although it normally does (cf Quorn Pepperoni – no pork)

      It can be made with beef which can be halal, as this almost certainly is.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I had a problem like this years ago when I spent a summer working at the student pub on campus.
    A vegetarian brought his omelette back in high dudgeon that we’d accidentally included some ham in it.
    Fine, I’ll make you another but you don’t have to be such a dick about it.
    No, I’m not giving you a refund.

    • tamimisledus

      Yes that is the Tesco way.

      “Your burger has horse meat in it. Don’t be a dick.”
      “Your meat has got a human finger in it. Don’t be dick.”
      “Your iphone exploded. Don’t be a dick.”
      “Your chicken is halal. Don’t be a dick.”

      But, no reason for any of these customers to be in high dudgeon, could there? After all, these were only accidents.

      And now, please tell us about your job in marketing.