UK: 68% increase in ‘rape and penetrative offences’ recorded by Metropolitan Police since 2005

Police could be taken off the beat to cope with the ‘overwhelming’ increase in rape cases over the last decade, Scotland Yard chief Bernard Hogan Howe warned today.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner said detectives were suffering ‘burn out’ and warned ‘something will have to give’ without more resources.

Sir Bernard’s extraordinary intervention came after an official report revealed there had been a 68 per cent increase in ‘rape and penetrative offences’ recorded by the Metropolitan Police since 2005.

This all sounds very Swedish…


  • The Butterfly

    Diversity, vibrancy, and penetrative offences!

  • Editor

    I bet you “community cohesion” has also increased by about the same number since 2005.

    • I would suggest so!

      • Editor

        And we could probably be arrested, printed, have our DNA sampled and spend 24-48 hours in jail for stating so much in Britain. That is definitely a big part of the problem. Debate has been effectively shut down.

    • Martin B

      The last 2 censuses in Britain were conducted in 2001 & 2011.
      2001 Census: 1591126 Muzz
      2011 Census: 2786635 Muzz
      % increase over 10-year period: 75.1%

      Must be a coincidence.

  • seaoh
    • Madness.

    • Frau Katze

      Yikes! We’re far down the path to cultural suicide!

  • bob e

    they could easily “solve” de problem by hiring more muslim police
    & muslim cps ..