This Canadian judge wants “Holocaust denial” style laws restricting debate about residential schools

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission into Canada’s residential schools has been chaired by Manitoba Justice Murray Sinclair, who recently said something depressing and disturbing.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    “Collective soul wound”?
    Eff that!
    It’s another grievance industry based on the fact that some Indian kids caught TB while at a boarding school because their own tribes were incapable of educating them.
    Color me un-moved.

  • G

    You can bet that this judge has been quite busy in the back rooms conferring with his other ever-wise, ever-perfect lords of the bench to discuss how they can bring such a law about through judicial decree.

    Now they are just waiting for the appropriate case to pass through a court room and Bingo! we will find judicial made hate speech law.

    How many other “landmark rulings” in the past were made this way?

    Judges love to play this game of pretending that when a controversial case passes across their bench that they have only heard about the issue at that time.

    “Gay marriage? —Really? Gays want to get married? I didn’t know! Let’s have a look.”

    “Omar khadr? Who’s he?”

  • The reserve Indians should get off their lazy asses and find real jobs. The time is running out – the Chinese, Muslims, etc. who may soon be the majority don’t give a damn about colonialism guilt or residential schools. The more the gullible white people fade away, the lesser the chances of the Indian grievance industry to survive. (Stinky sweet grass won’t help either.)

  • Morticiaa

    I am sick of the coverage the media gives to this
    The Indians that are happy and healthy today are ones
    Who were able to assimilate and integrate, due to being
    Educated in the whie mans ways
    They were a primative culture when they were pushed into
    These residential schools and the motives of those who tried
    To help them were good… And yes there were many abuses
    But I will never believe the numbers of deaths claimed
    wTF. 4000 children killed, how, what were the circumstances
    Did nuns and priests kill them and eat them?
    I am so sick of this primative culture blaming their own lack
    Of evolution on western white culture
    Thus is the essence of the premise of cultural relativity
    There is absolutely nothing about Indian culture that I find interesting
    Or worth integrating into mine….I appreciate some of their bead work
    But that’s about IT…..
    They’ve had handouts in the hundreds of millions
    There was a special school in the nw territories about a decade back
    That was run by Indians and whites of course, and they were taking
    Young students who showed promise out of the drunk enough drug infested homes and educating them. Exactly the same thing as the
    Residential schools did
    I call the Indians not First Nations, not aboriginals, INDIANS
    And yes, get rid of the apartheid reservations and jet them integrate
    There are so many corrupt bands now rich, and running casinos
    Who keep all the money for council members. They learned this aspect of corporate culture of western nations quite well

    • Rosenmops

      I’m really tired of listening to Indian grievances too. Plenty of lawyers and corrupt chiefs getting rich from the current system so don’t expect any change.

  • cmh

    Sinclair is possibly himself a racist, but i would tend to agree that there should be sanctions against people who want to push a denial agenda. Further, the proper word that should be used is ethnocide, this is the word that means cultural genocide. Ethnocide was purposefully perpetrated against the First Nations under full planning and sanction of the government.