Tarek Fatah: “This isn’t about Shia vs. Sunni, it’s about the destruction of Western civilization”

I sat down with author Tarek Fatah about his latest book, The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State, and about the situation here in Canada in terms of radicalization and militant Islam.

  • DMB

    The destruction of western civilization is both Sunni and Shia ultimate goal however their mutual hatred for each other is intense and only worsening has ISIS grows stronger. Also both Iran and Saudi Arabia pursuing Nuclear weapons not out fear from an attack from the west or out of self preservation but for their religious hatred for each other.

    • P_F

      Their animosity is suspended when they fight against kufar (Non-mohammedans).

  • moraywatson

    There is no good brand of the totalitarian supremacist cult spawned by mohammed. Islam is rooted in evil. Fatah knows that is true, but continues to identity as an adherent of the cult. The narcissism that clouds his judgement is strong indeed.