Society may no longer define marriage in the only way marriage has ever been defined in the annals of recorded history. Many societies allowed polygamy, many allowed child marriages, some allowed marriage within families; but none, in thousands of years, defined marriage as the union of people of the same sex. — Dennis Prager

Polygamy is a broad term and when applied to human society refers to plural marriage which means having more than one spouse. Facets of this term include polygyny which refers to a form of plural marriage in which a man is allowed to have more than one wife. Polyandry describes the form of plural marriage in which a women has more than one husband. Polyamory is a form of plural marriage where a family consists of multiple husbands and wives at the same time. These kinds of marriages existed historically in human societies and continue in some societies in the present.


  • Exile1981

    So the author says gay marriage isn’t a religious debate but polygamy is? WTF. The author destroyes their own pro gay argument.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why don’t we stop worrying about how and who other people fuck.

    • Alain

      I agree, but the problem is that there is a certain group that insists on sticking it in everyone’s face day in and day out.

  • Gary

    Premier Wynne, Libby Davies and Svend Robinson were NEVER denied access to marriage. The problem started when they dumped their Partners and turned gay to make demands to get married to a same-gender person they liked very much.
    The PRIDE parade has a whole section of STR8 parents that turned gay and now have same-gender partners.
    If they all made the Free-will choice to live as a heterosexual to have children and later changed their minds to dump the spouse for a gay marriage which is now population and oh so trendy.
    They were either Bi-sexuals or chose a partner based on their inner needs to be loved no matter where it comes from. The balance that claim they were born that way will Rue the day they supported the Pro-Choice feminists because once science finds the gay gene we will start to see Homo-cide abortion among the gender-cide abortions today to female babies.

  • William Guillaume

    Like when Darwin arrived on the Galapagos on board HMS Beagle I thought he saw two gay male tortoises holding hands and kissing (But I could be wrong)

  • Kathy Nelson

    This week, the Alabama
    state Senate passed a bill that would end the practice of licensing
    marriages in the state, effectively nullifying both major sides of the
    contentious national debate over government-sanctioned marriage.
    Introduced by Sen. Greg Albritton (R-Bay Minette), Senate Bill 377
    (SB377) would end state issued marriage licenses, while providing
    marriage contracts as an alternative. It passed through the Alabama
    state Senate by a 22-3 margin on May 19…. The bill would replace all
    references to marriages “licenses” in state law with “contracts.” (“licenses” and “contracts” are the same thing)

    The legislation would not invalidate any marriage licenses issued prior to the bill being passed.

    Michael Boldin said in support of the bill,
    “Licenses are used as a way to stop people from doing things… My
    personal relationship should not be subject to government permission.”