Obama Assures Iran It Has Nothing to Fear

At this point, there is virtually no one in Israel or the United States who thinks it is remotely possible that the Obama administration would ever, under virtually any circumstances, use force against Iran. Though President Obama and his foreign policy team have always claimed that “all options,” including force, are always on the table in the event that Iran refuses to back down and seeks to produce a nuclear weapon, that is a threat that few took seriously. But President Obama has never been quite as explicit about this before as he was in an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 in which he reportedly said there is no military option to stop Iran. If Obama wanted to telegraph Iran that it could be as tough as it likes in the talks over the final text of the nuclear deal being negotiated this month this statement certainly did the job. Though they had little worry about Obama’s toughness or resolve, the ayatollahs will be pleased to note that the president no longer even bothers to pretend he is prepared to do whatever is necessary to stop Iran’s nuclear ambition.

  • Obama has consistently done all he can to help the spread of Islam.

    So what’s new?

    • Norman_In_New_York

      His inconsistencies are between supporting Sunnis and Shiites, and this fickle conduct will in the end do him in.

  • cmh

    obama should save his breath because iran already knows it has nothing to fear….that is the heart of islam.

  • Achmed

    We already know we have nothing to fear from one of our own.