Last Stand…

In this ISIS video an Assad facility near Homs is overrun. Things are not going well for the Syrian regime. You can watch here. Note it is a Jihadi site.

ISIS executes a wounded regime soldier.

ISIS executes wounded soldier

ISIS burns a Hezbollah flag.

ISIS Hezbollah Flag

This man makes a pitiful last stand against a truckload of Jihadis hunting down fleeing soldiers for sport in the barren desert. You can watch as he raises his weapon in a hopeless last act of self preservation.

Last stand

  • Exile1981

    isis is here to stay unfortunately.

    • Frau Katze

      Sadly so. I suspect lots of funding and help from the Gulf states and Turkey.

      • To think, the Americans destroyed the Japanese three years after they attacked them.

        I guess murdering Yazidis and Christians doesn’t count for moral outrage.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    ISIS will be around until it threatens Israel. Then all bets are off.

  • Truthful Facts

    IsIs is different than Al-Qaeda or other Islamic groups. It’s the first stone to be cast in the destruction of the West.

    ISIS will conquer Syria. There will be untold destruction and pain for the non-Sunni’s there. They will take parts of Iraq.

    Lebanon will fall next, which will draw Iran into the mix officially (Iran’s allies are being taken out in the ME one by one).

    Somewhere down the line, Turkey will pull the plug on their support of ISIS and force the Saudi’s to do the same. Turkey will pursue a ceasefire between Shia and Sunni for a time period (Not forever, that’s forbidden in Islam).

    After this, the invasion of the West and Israel will commence. By this time, the Muslim population in Europe will be between 80 to 120 million. Enough people to start a long internal war to weaken the West enough for the invasion of Europe by the Islamic Collation (Turks, Arabs, Persians)

    You have to understand – most of the gun trade in Europe is now run by Muslims. With the Muslim world, on the doorstep of Europe, willing to manufacture and flood them into Europe into the hands of the Muslim invaders – they will be armed to the teeth.

    Then you add-on the rapidly weakening European armies (And States, Canadian, Australian)

    And you have yourself the future the current trends point to:

    Islamified Europe in 2100, with a very small and rapidly regressing indigenous population.

    The Turks have their eyes on Europe and have for awhile. Europe is fertile land, and the Muslims are going to need fertile land to farm to feed their people.

  • Truthful Facts

    Which is why I have always maintained the following belief:

    Western Civilization must die/collapse/crumble/be throw into ruin, for the European people to not only survive, but have the ability to thrive.

    The problem is how said Civilization dies. If it dies by the hands of the Invaders (Muslims) then you have the genocide/ethnic-cleansing of Indigenous Westerners (European) as a certainty.

    If however it collapses due to civil-war, then it’s possible the European people can survive into the next few centuries.

    Regardless, peace is over. Yesterday is done. Only today and tomorrow matter, and you should be preparing today for tomorrow, because war comes.

  • Hard Little Machine