John Nuttall, Amanda Korody found guilty in B.C. Legislature bomb plot

A B.C. Supreme Court jury has found John Nuttall and Amanda Korody guilty for plotting a 2013 Canada Day attack on the B.C. Legislature.

The couple are guilty of conspiring to commit murder and possessing explosives.

The judge thanked the jury for the service and dismissed them. The second part of the trial will begin next week into whether entrapment played a role.

The jury began its deliberations at 9:30 a.m. PT Sunday following a nearly four-month trial and three days of judge`s instructions that were more than 300 pages long.

  • ntt1

    These are drug addled idiots not terrorists .they need to be cleaned up and perhaps sent to a medium security institution for a few years to straighten up. It is the undercover RCMPs actions that alarm me . This looks like classic entrapment utilizing two dummies who only wanted to “shell Esquimalt”( a progressive act of rebellion where they wear natural fibres and throw sea shells at the marine base)

    • Frances

      Forget “entrapment” – anyone with any shred of decency would run like hell in the opposite direction when given the chance to blow up families on Canada Day. They chose to stay in the game.

    • How do you entrap idiots? Who would say yes to murder?

      • ntt1

        they are both barely functioning human beings ,with out the direction and active acquisition of materials by the RCMP these two would just be diverse colour art an NDP rally. Jail them Jail them in balance to what they conspired to do, but don’t overlook the RCMPs stick handling in this affair ,It reminds mew of their bungling attempts to infiltrate the FLQ years ago, it turned out all the cell members were RCMP.

        • Does anyone feel sorry for some punk who riots in Ferguson?

          These aren’t children. They are adults who made conscious choices.

          (SEE: horses, lead, water, drink)

          • ntt1

            I most certainly don’t feel at all sorry for these two, far from it its just that the actions of the RCMP arte extremely worrisome . they are flirting with entrapment.

          • Cops pretend all kinds of things all the time. If criminals are stupid enough to play along, one must question whether or not it’s time to make being an idiot a crime.

          • ntt1

            that’s pretty much the crux of it. it would result in a huge percentage of the media being criminalized of course.

          • Do you mean that people can go to jail for being stupid?

            I don’t know what to say!

          • ntt1

            that is exactly what is happening here in this case, as it will be revealed the RCMP were total enablers of this stupid couple. with out their guidance and provisioning they would have just wandered off and run for the greens as most mentally impaired in BC seem to .

          • How are these people mentally disabled?

          • ntt1

            low IQ drug users

          • That’s their problem.

            How smart could they have been to take drugs, anyway?

            Are we to send every criminal home because he is not a Rhodes scholar?

          • ntt1

            actually that was your suggestion that “one must question whether or not it’s time to make being an idiot a crime”,not mine

          • Yes, I would make being an idiot a crime.

          • ntt1

            well there ya go just out fore a nice circular argument?

          • What circular argument? These guys are idiots and were eventually tried and convicted.

          • ntt1

            Fine No one is arguing against that but I still have real problems with how the RCMP behaved, it could be enough to get these two a much reduced sentence

          • No, they shouldn’t. The morons deserve prison and they should stay there.

          • ntt1

            wait and see how it plays out, the RCMP may have given them an out by being a little too helpful.

          • If these guys walk, every moron behind bars will walk too.

          • ntt1

            only if they were convicted of crimes with the same enabling and encouragement as these two losers

          • Again- why is it the fault of the police if people are stupid enough to commit crimes?

  • P_F

    No word in CBC news about their converting to islam & getting inspired by al-Qaida & Boston bombing to commit terrorism in western countries.

    • That figures.

    • andycanuck

      Did they convert?

      I haven’t been following the “news” reports because, you know, it would mean using a MSM “news” source.

      Addendum: Oh. I see from their photo that they are converts too. Did the RCMP force that on them too?

  • David Murrell

    The CTV report on this last night was completely one-sided, with a sneeding defense lawyer yelling “entrapment” and family members claiming “what fine people they are”. Lots of support for Islamist war criminality out there.