The Arab Daily News: Racism gives haters a place to hide in America


This weekend, a group of 250 led by a former U.S. Marine, protested against a Mosque in Phoenix claiming they wanted to show the world America is about free speech, tolerance, and against violence and hate.

But their protest was driven by hate, founded on hypocrisy and consumed by contradictions; all the protest did was expose their racism against Muslims and their ignorance about both Islam and Christianity, and free speech…

Islam isn’t a race: it’s a expansionist, aggressive ideology masquerading as a religion.  You  might well accuse an anti-Communist of being a ‘racist.’  

The word has no affect anymore after repeated over- and inappropriate use.

  • eMan14

    I thinks this says it all…and no laughing matter.

    “Ray Hanania is an Arab-American Palestinian Christian journalist and stand-up comedian.”

  • andycanuck

    And if you called any Arab “the same as a black African”, he’d probably take a swing at you.

    • MRHapla

      Really? I’m going to try that, ASAP. Let the games begin,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • bob e

    islam is a disease .. a black, ever lasting journey of death .. death for all
    except women .. they are excluded from muslim death ..

  • pdxnag

    But aren’t they calling all non-Muslims a race, the victims of Islamic sanctioned ultimate hate?

    • Good point. If Muslims are a race then Non-Muslims are also a race. And if Islam is guilty of anything it is of hatred of all Non-Muslims – so it is a racist ideology.

  • roccolore

    Muslim racism is the reason for the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

  • Gary

    Here in Ontario we had the Human Rights Commission give the death-cult sect of islam an equal status to a Religion which McGuinty and Wynne exploited for vote from the islamist jew-hating homophobes that demanded a Mosque in the Valley park Public school , and GOT it.
    So every Friday during the school year, muslims get to hear the hate spewed for canada, Jews, gays , Israel and the West in general .
    The Ahmadi’s had also got their Mosque in the local Public school even though their Peace Village housing area had a mosque already , seems like they weren’t happy with their own Mega mosque and felt that the children shouldn’t have to walk that short distance since they school was now over 50% muslims and the majority should rule to get the gym made into a mosque.

    Don’t be fooled, the quran teaches muslims to play the victim as a minority while using taqiyyah to fool people that they are peaceful and just want to live by their Sharia in private. But the end-game for this death-cult is to get their foot in the door and let Time take over where their population grows to be the majority to IMPOSE and demand sharia law on everyone.

    The brain-dead msm in the USA doesn’t get it, they attack Pam Geller for hosting an event to legally display cartoons of what muslims call muhammed which they believe was a prophet even though he made no prophecy from God to prove it.
    Muslim that were upset and wanted it deem hate-speech are the same ones that feel the Sharia Law Blasphemy laws should be enforced on US soil. It is Muslims that are not allowed to show an image or drawing of muhammed, but the media bought the scam and attacked Pam for inciting to the two muslim
    terrorists in Garland that were killed before their jihad to slaughter infidels not obeying Sharia law.

    Muslims are NOT a race of people.

    Although , people do race to get away from islam and sharia to come to Canada as Refugees FROM it.

  • Leave if you don’t like it

  • “Islam isn’t a race: it’s a expansionist, aggressive ideology masquerading as a religion. You might well accuse an anti-Communist of being a ‘racist.’ ” – sez it all.

  • MRHapla

    Makes Islam, the Religion of Peace, a handy shield for hundreds of millions of psychopathic , serial murder maniacs, and their mayhem agenda.