NYT: Mohammed Cartoons Too Offensive, Dung Virgin Mary Just Fine

Just in case anyone was wondering whether the New York Times’ post-Hebdo massacre stance went for all religions, it doesn’t. It is a privilege specifically reserved for Islam and Muslims.

Here are the excuses that the New York Times made for not publishing Hebdo’s Mohammed cartoons.

  • Kat

    For years, Michelle Malkin has called the NYT, “The fish wrap of record.” It also makes a nice birdcage liner.

  • sams

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  • tom_billesley

    The hacks are competing to be Dhimmi Duranty.

  • suze

    Where are all the protests? The Virgin in poo?

  • Glenfilthie

    Well of course. Double standards are the hallmarks of substandard intellects which is why the liberal left relies on them to the extent they do. They have so much political capital tied up in multiculturalism that they will defend it right up until some yodelling mudflap separates their heads from their bodies.
    The New York Times is caught on the horns of it’s own leftist making. They can’t report the truth – it’s offensive to moslems, stupid people and liberals…so all they are left with is politically correct trolling like this. I didn’t click on the link, BCF – I will not insult my intelligence by taking the NYT, the CBC/BBC, or The Guardian/Glob & Snail seriously. The way I figure it, if leftists have a rational debate or point to make – they can do it on a reputable site or take their BS and sod themselves with it.
    And speaking of dung and excrement – I left a darn good likeness of The Pedophile Prophet in the latrine today too. Who woulda thunk peanuts and corn could provide such a powerful metaphor for Islam? I should fish it out and sell it to the Canadian gubbermint…bidding starts at 7 million samolians!!!!

    • mobuyus

      Well that’s just great, now the leftists will want to sniff around our toilet bowls for turds they may find offensive and representative of their prophet. If you want to make a more inclusive diverse art installation of the socialists prophet try corn peanuts and blueberries.

    • Sir Roderick Spode

      My sentiments entirely.

  • Frances

    He’s just a cowardly little pissant masquarading as a man.