Jihad in Sheep’s Clothing

When everyone in the information business decides that the prudent thing is to pass the buck, everyone else ends up with only a passing knowledge of Islam

“…Stealth jihad need not be particularly stealthy. In fact, Muslim groups can be quite vocal about their demands. But in comparison to the other type of jihad, demands for halal menus, special toilet facilities in public places, and sharia courts for resolving family matters seem minor in nature.

What’s more, there’s an implicit understanding that the granting of these concessions will serve to keep the violent kind of jihad at bay. It’s the latest twist on the old mafia extortion ploy. This time around, it goes something like this: “You and I are reasonable men, but my friend here is hard to control. He can get very excitable if his son is forced to sit next to pork-eaters at the school cafeteria.” It’s all unspoken, of course, but those who are attuned to cultural change will find it easy to convince themselves that their own sons and daughters can only benefit from eating a more multiculturally sensitive diet.

The trouble is, such concessions are more, not less, likely to bring the other kind of jihad closer.”