He’s competing in the Iambic Pentameter – The Pan Scam Games Has A Poet Laureate

Liberals – The Waste Professionals.

  • Waffle

    This surely is satire. Right? Right? 41 days of torch throwing around Ontario and Canada? You’ll have to forgive me for thinking that 41 days is the time it would take to run from Mexico (?) to Toronto..

    • I see they closed comments in a hurry.

      • Waffle

        I guess there were too many commenters who were not with the program. Can’t have that, can we?
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  • LauraS

    And his name is…Mustafa Ahmed. Isn’t that just the icing on the cake. This government gets a gold medal for wasting tax dollars, that’s for sure.

    • No one can top a Liberal government for waste.

      • LauraS

        No, they certainly “Own the Podium” when it comes to flushing money down the toilet!

  • Mustafa Ahmed – slum muzzie from Regent Park – he’s the future of Ontario under the Grand Dyke of Queen’s Park. I didn’t see any wheelchair trannies in the list – that is going to hurt our diversity.

  • I found a live performance of the Regent Park troubadour – I couldn’t watch more than a minute, he is really horrible. It looks like he is homosexual, which explains the choice.


  • Reader

    Lieberals, the coolest, the greatest, the best, the smoothest,
    at dancing around the truth, and doing it at the public’s expense.

  • Frances

    Let’s hope it’s real poetry, and not just descriptive prose without the sentence structure.