Gallia Watch: Under the Paris metro

Under the La Chapelle metro station in Paris there has been a vibrant and creative life flourishing in the shadows. They come from Somalia, Eritrea, Morocco, Tunisia, etc.

They demand the protection of the French State…

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    But Paris is the ultimate tourism destination.

  • Realism

    This is going to be fairly lengthy, so I apologize in advance if you read this :).

    Western Civilization has already lost. We are now just waiting for the time to run out on the clock.

    The reality is the massive amount of change, and social upheaval that would have to happen to propel that change is – applied to the West – impossible. If we were speaking of say, India, Sir Lanka, or some other nation dealing with a similar threat, but devoid of Europeans then it might be possible.

    Lets put it down on paper. I’ll use Sweden as an example, since it’s the worst off Western Country.

    Lets say the year is 2024 in Sweden, and last Tuesday five 12 year old Swedish Indigenous girls were kidnapped and gang-ra ped by Saracen Invaders. Lets say, that three days after that a huge protest happens in Sweden, to the tune of 500,000 ethnic Swedes outside Swedish parliament demanding the resignation and imprisonment of the current Regime, the ending of mass immigration, the start of massive repatriations and the end of the bourgeois power.

    Lets say the Swedish Regime ignores these people, and instead sends in massive amounts of police to corral them. Lets say, these people say No, and more start showing up defying the Regime and their oppressors.

    600,000, 800,000, 1,000,000 over a weeks period.

    And lets say 100,000 Marxist Leftist show up to Counter-protest. Lets say violence erupts, and the police kil l a bunch of the people protesting against the Regime, Marxism, Illegal Occupation and Invasion. Lets say those people, at the end of their ropes, react to this violence with extreme violence of their own and lynch the agents of the Regime, the police, and attack the far-Left Marxist traitors.

    Bodies everywhere. Stockholm is red with the blood of Patriots, Traitors and Agents of the Regime.

    Lets say a civil war erupts, and eventually the Swedish people prevail and win the day. Marxist hang from lampposts, are exiled, or thrown in prison forever.

    The next leader of Sweden would then have three choices for his or her Country:

    1 – Stop Immigration and start massive repatriations . With the low Swedish birthrate and the aging population, this means a shrinking populace, a shrinking economy and a population extremely heavy on the elderly side. Eventually, the welfare state crumbles leading to more societal upheaval. It means a lot of children with no brothers and sisters and no friends. Eventually, Sweden dies.

    2 – He or She continues the current Regimes policies. Change nothing. The Swedes low birthrate and elderly populace is offset by the massive amounts of Saracen and African invaders the Swedish Regime lets in, who with their massive birthrate, repopulate Swedish lands with African and Saracen children. In three generations or so, the Swedish population is majority African/Saracen, and the culture changes to reflect that. You end up with genocide, ethnic-cleansing of the ethnic-Swedes, and foregin rule in their land forever. Eventually, Sweden dies.

    3 – Stops immigration and starts massive repatriations . Bans contraception, abortion and pumps family propoganda into the Soiecty. Does everything He/She can do to revitalize the Swedish birthrate with an aim to have it at 4 to 5 children per woman. Takes the short-term hit in economics until the population explosion and demographic revitalization takes effect in two generations when the new children reach the age of majority (19+) and start entering the work force. It would require massive Cultural and Societal change. Eventually, Sweden thrives, the Swedes survive and 200 years from now, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Swedes populate every inch of Swedish land.

    Now, you can apply this same thing to any Western nation and the story remains the same. So the question I then ask you, readers, is this:

    Can you see Sweden, Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, etc. have anything close to this happening? Can you see 1+ million ordinary people (non-Marxist) protesting the Regimes in those Countries, and continue to grow? Throwing away their jobs and leaving themselves at the mercy of the Regime? Can you see those people answering Regime violence with violence of their own and stomping the Regime into a bloody mess?

    Can you see a leader emerging from such a crisis, willing and able to institute either:

    Scenario 1 (Stop Invasion and Colonization, Massive Repatriations of Invaders) or; scenario 3 (Stop Invasion and Colonization, Massive Repatriations of Invaders, Banning of Contraception and Abortion and Family Propaganda pumped into Society to revitalize the indigenous Birthrate)?

    The answer is, of course, NO.

    And that’s why the West is dead. Not dying. Dead. We don’t have the stomach to do what must be done.

    For every one European Male that would stand against the Regime(s) and put his life on the line, there are 5 who wouldn’t, and 4 who would slit his throat.

    For every one European Female that would stand against the Regime(s) and start having a ton of European children, there are 5 who wouldn’t, a 4 who would have a ton of children from invaders.

    • Observer

      But Marxism has promised equality for all.

      If you will only give Marxism a chance you will see it is true and that we can all live in equality as the World will be composed only of third-world nations with all equally impoverished except for our Marxist leaders who will keep all the spoils for themselves as they have since day one.

      • Sir Roderick Spode

        The West is still seeing this current dilema in terms of Left vs Right. The Middle East is in meltdown. That’s gotta be Obama / Neocons fault. We obsess over a meme that probably made no sense back in the 60s when it was raging Cold War but now is a complete anachronism.

    • Frau Katze

      Yep, it’s all downhill from here. It’s very depressing to keep reading about.

  • Realism
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      A penny for you to expand upon that thought!