Foreign donations to foster extremist ideology fly under Canada’s radar

Canada Revenue can’t track money Canadian charities receive from foreign donors for religious and educational work, despite suspicions that millions may ultimately end up going to fund Islamist terrorist recruiting and propaganda.

It will be two, possibly three years, before any such “granular” details are available, Cathy Hawara, a Canada Revenue Agency director-general, told a Senate committee Monday.

Sen. Daniel Lang, chair of the national security and defence committee, was incredulous.

“Two or three years?!” he exclaimed.

  • eMan14

    “A lot of these funds, I think, are directed to religious institutions or quasi-religious institutions. It’s very difficult in this country to start poking about, if you’ll forgive my English, religious institutions because of the respect that we have for freedom of religion.”

    What does respect for religion have to do with tracking money for nefarious purposes?
    Donations from foreign governments to religious and educational institutions should be heavily scrutinized if not outright banned.

  • Minicapt

    Previous attempts to track such funds would have interfered with donations to the Liberal Party of Canada?


  • cmh

    there are many problems with the senate security and defense committee. the stupidity of the senators really shines through in this article….imagine them not knowing anything about the Sodom Arabia education agenda…complete idiots.