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That’s Snowball from the Simpsons, not sure which version… Anyway – they do not allow much video on YouTube so let’s watch this interesting animation…

Once upon a black cat, cartoon, Ukraine, 2009 – The story of how to use the white paint can be a happy cat!

PS. Work has taken me away for a bit. Please thank Frau and Black Mamba, Osumashi and DB Cooper for keeping the home fires burning.

  • eMan14

    Done. Wish I could do more. I am grateful to be part of this community.

  • andycanuck

    What? Vaping isn’t covered by OHIP?

  • Uncle_Waspy

    There – that should be good for â…“ of a wheel bearing replacement.

    We shouldn’t need reminding.

    Folks, please consider making a donation. Cat and his lieutenants have worked hard day in and day out to create this haven for us like-minded conservative/libertarian riffraff. Ten years from now, this sort of juncture might be declared illegal and shut down.

    Consider it an investment in the future!

    • Clink9

      Done, Uncle. This is much better than paying for some lousy old Toronto Star or globe and Mail.

      • Uncle_Waspy

        Well done, Clink!
        (I wouldn’t wrap fish in the Red Star or the Mop & Pail.)

      • Icebow

        They probably owe us money.

    • Thanks Uncle!

      • Clink9

        Top Cat! Oh no. My dirty little secret. My parents dressed me up as Top Cat when I was about 3 years old and took a picture. Is that gay?

        • just a thought

          You’ve been clean since then? You’re probably OK.

          I hope I don’t spoil Top Cat for anyone, but the voice was done by Arnold Stang, one of my favorite wise-guy comedians from waaay back. Here he is being his own inimitable self.

          • Crikey that is a memory!

          • Frances

            Reminds me of the line from the Limeliters’ album: “Clean mind, clean body: take your pick.”

        • NO. He was a good cat!

  • Martin B

    Just found an email in my inbox asking me to become a paid subscriber to the New York Times. The gall of those bastards.

    Their loss is your gain! Keep those vape girls suitably scantily clad.

  • Icebow

    Hope there’s no actual emergency, and that this helps a little.

    • Thank you!

      We have been informed of a flaw in our condo’s hot water pipes.

      A flaw which can’t be held against the builder’s.

      They are prone to bursting as they are made out plastic.

      If we don’t replace them then our insurance is invalid and we will be held personally responsible for any damages incurred in other units should our pipes fail. And of course insurance doesn’t cover this sort of event.

      The final cost is unknown at this time but the estimated range depending on type of unit will be 4- 8 Thousand bucks.

      This type of piping was as usual approved for use.

      • Icebow

        De nada. Glad I don’t live in a flat-complex.

      • Clink9

        Ouch. Just last week our town had to replace the crappy plastic pipe under our driveway. Giant 8 foot deep holes dug in lawns and driveways in the whole neighborhood for the last couple years.

        No charge to everyone now but it must come out of taxes eventually.

        • Icebow

          Surcharge the bastards responsible.

          • The junk is not made anymore and there is no one to sue.

          • Clink9

            Someone got rich installing it years ago and it didn’t last as well as copper.

          • Yup and condos across the GTA have it installed. It was very popular.

        • Yup its gotta come from somewhere.

          • Jay Currie

            Two things: first, get very serious about checking the estimate on the piping to your condo 4K sounds excessive. Second, just for the sheer P&V file a small claim against the City of Toronto ( or whichever hellish suburb you live in) for negligence. Some bozo union guy inspector signed off on the plumbing. Make’em sweat.

          • Hmm I will look into that.

      • Brett_McS

        Seeing all those apartment towers springing up like mushrooms in China and having had some dealings with the Chinese and how they ‘re-interpret’ specifications … well, it could be worse.

        • There was a horrid mess in BC years ago with “approved” materials for condos that leaked like a sieve.

          A very long and costly court action followed.

      • Exile1981

        It must be the grey plastic lines with the galvanized clips on it, that stuff is a nightmare.

        I ripped it out and put in the modern pex in a house I reno’ed. The total bill was under a grand. 4k seems really high.

        • I think it’s because they will likely have to dig up the floors as well as the walls, then there are the kitchen cabinets etc

          • Exile1981

            are you in a townhouse or an apartment style?

          • Apartment.

          • Exile1981

            oh, that could mean tearing out walls then. yuck.

          • Yup and even worse I suspect it includes the bathroom as well – Tile Job!

        • ntt1

          My 2000 square footer was 800 to redo in best quality pex it has open joists In the basement t though so it was easier

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Oh, great!
    I was hoping to be the first one to ask.
    That one who appears to be a German.
    Will he blow himself up with an Oktober Vest?

  • simus1

    People who lived in Toronto’s pioneer hi rise condos have long ago
    Been there.
    Done that.
    Much of the original potable water riser plumbing was galvanized iron.
    Not too bad in medium term for cold water delivery, very bad in short term (< 10 yrs) for hot.

    Glad to help out.

    • Thank you Simus, thankfully the risers in our building are in fact copper!

  • Brett_McS


  • bverwey

    Been there, done that and again thanks publicly for the outstanding work.

  • Appreciative Reader

    Oh great — appeal to one of my serious weaknesses (Chuck Jones’ Looney Tunes’ Marc Anthony & Pussyfoot) in one of the greatest cartoons – ever! Your kitty has been fed and mine says “Hi”.

    • Thank You so much, years ago we bought a cell from the Feed the Kitty Cartoon. I got Pip because he looked a lot like Pussyfoot as a kitten.

      That’s a fine lookin friend you have!

      • Appreciative Reader

        Well, now I’m jealous — what a great cell! Our friend is Snow, short for Snow White — you know, “fairest in the land” 🙂 We took her in from a family member who could no longer keep her. She’s a wonderful replacement to the Persians we had while our sons were growing up.

  • popp
    • Horrid.

      • simus1

        Torture of the animals enhances the desired meat flavour when cooked. It is likely a placebo effect which helps give confidence to gents in fear of being “flagged for lack of performance.”

  • This is what we’re up against.

    My home has Kitec plumbing in it. Should I be worried?


    The short answer is: Yes. Kitec plumbing was widely used in Canada and the U.S. in homes and condominiums built, or extensively renovated, between 1995 and 2007. It was sold for pipes for drinkable water pipes, as well as in-floor and hot-water baseboard systems.

    Kitec was marketed as a corrosion-resistant alternative to copper pipes and fittings, but was recalled around 2005 due to a tendency to corrode at an accelerated rate. It is no longer manufactured.

    Kitec may deteriorate or fail due to excessive water pressure or water running at temperatures hotter than the manufacturer’s rating of 77C (180F).

    Industry professionals believe that homes and condominiums with Kitec plumbing and fittings will experience premature pipe failure, and failure rates will increase over time. The pipes may not just leak but burst, with potential for flooding.

    The only complete solution is to replace Kitec plumbing with copper pipes. This will typically require access behind walls and through floors.

    • Clink9

      Not nice. Hopefully the lawsuit can help out.

      I have two friends with million dollar plus homes in the Beach area fully plumbed with the new version of that plastic stuff, PEX.

      Hope it doesn’t turn out as bad as the Kitec.

      Good old copper. I still use it for work in my house.

      • The law suit money will be a pittance given the number of claims and the settlement amount.

      • Exile1981

        I’ve had goot luck with pex, it doesn’t corrode and unlike the grey stuff doesn’t break down.

        • Clink9

          Good. I only used it once for my Dad’s outside hose bibs.

  • just a thought

    I don’t make donations. Period! ,,,but you guys work hard, have some pretty good material, are fun to hang around, and besides, I’d feel pretty guilty if I didn’t, ….so JUST THIS ONCE, mind you.

    Seriously, your website is one of my favorite, as are those who comment here. Also, like eMan14 said, I wish it could have been more.

  • Gary

    The Flintstones were the cartoon version of the Honeymooners , Top Cat was a copy of the Sgt. Bilko show with Phil Silvers .

    • Yup, I remember watching it as a kid, liked it too.

  • Canadian

    An address and a name to send a check to?
    You`ve got my email address.

  • Brett_McS
  • just a thought

    If your next selection is this cat

    He’ll heed a companion 🙂

    H/T INFO – Second was from a comment to the article linked to by B.T.

  • Nic

    Are you sure Felix wasn’t on LSD?

  • Clausewitz

    Shipped some filthy lucre your way. Keep on keeping on. As to yesterday’s post, 54 years ago when I was 4 I got to name our new cat. Of course I named him Top Cat.

  • John

    I’ve used paypal before ( having donated to K Shaidle) but cxan’t remember any of the co-ordinates. How does one pay by e-mail?

    • I’m not sure. BCF is pretty tied up just at the moment, but if you drop him a line at blazingcatfur@gmail.com I’m sure he’ll get back to you in a couple of days. Or you could get in touch with Shaidle at kshaidle@rogers.com

      Much appreciated!

    • You can click the Feed the kitty link on the sidebar John it will walk you through.

      • John

        Thanks! Done!

  • Petrilla

    I just sent a small donation in appreciation for all you do. Thanks to you and all involved.

  • sanwin

    I try to put something in this weekend.

    Thanks for posting him, I miss Bloom County.

  • Glenfilthie

    Oh man…Bill The Cat!!!!!
    He’s STILL alive! I cannot think of a more worthy mascot for your blog, BCF. LOL…I’m pretty sure that ol’ Bill got set on fire once or twice too…! 🙂

  • Reader

    Here is a 1984 kitty cat song to get you hot to donate to BCF!