California is destroyed (again) in San Andreas

First the bad news: The state of California does not break free from America and disappear into the Pacific Ocean in the new movie San Andreas. While on most days it seems like the policies of Governor Jerry Brown are intent on breaking free from the basic laws of economics, demography, planning and human behaviour, forcing a once-prosperous state into basket case status, California looks mostly intact when the credits roll on Brad Peyton’s film.

Whether that will be the case after another Democrat holds office in Sacramento remains to be seen.

  • Brett_McS

    I had a layover some years ago in LA on the way to the east coast and went down to Santa Monica. With some time before my flight, late at night, I decided to watch Escape from LA, because I liked Escape from New York. Worst movie, ever, but two things brightened the experience: The opening disaster sequence shows a giant tidal wave coming in to destroy Santa Monica – so that was cool – and the other was that a black out happened half way through the movie, so I got a free ticket.

  • sams

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