Barack Obama’s MidEast fantasy world

In Barack Obama’s fantasy Middle East, the U.S. isn’t losing the war against ISIS, Iran isn’t a problem, and relations with Israel are just fine. That’s the good news. The bad news is Obama actually believes this and he’s still with us until January 2017

Jeffrey Goldberg’s recent Atlantic interview with President Obama is quite something. Conducted just after Ramadi fell to the Islamic State, but before the ancient Syrian city ofPalmyra did, the interview covers three big topics: the war against the Islamic State, Israel and the Iranian nuclear negotiations.

Here are a few quick observations.

  • Desmond Baker

    Please read this text from former Muslim Nasrin who grew up in Sweden:

    • Kat

      Excellent story. Denmark is not far behind. They truly (want to) believe that the guy who shot up the café in Copenhagen where Lars Vilks was speaking, and killed the security guard outside the synagogue, was just a mentally ill, lone wolf. “Nope, nothing to do with jihad. We’re safe. We’ll be fine as long as we keep throwing lots of money at trying to identify why ‘immigrants’ like this man have so much mental illness and refuse to assimilate.”

  • I call any man or woman evil who advances the cause of evil and oppression in the world, even if not known to pull the wings of flies in his or her spare time. Barack Obama, John kerry, Hillary Clinton and many others in political power, in the media and in academe fit this definition perfectly, e.g. in their de facto support of Muslim terrorism in the ME and of Iranian nuclear ambitions.

  • sams

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  • MRHapla

    ,,,said White House Communications Director “Baghdad Bob”,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Frances

    Has anyone else noticed that, Iran excepted, no other country in the Middle East seemed too troubled that Israel had the Bomb. Now that Iran is close to getting same, we’re hearing alarms from neighbouring countries such as Saudi Arabia.