Al Jazeera on Phoenix cartoon contest: A demonstration of white privilege

Turkey marks the 558th anniversary of the conquest of Constantinople (in 2011). Source.

In the United States, mosques have become common gathering sites for two disparate groups – Muslim worshippers, and anti-Muslim hatemongers. On May 29, the two converged in Phoenix, Arizona, in front of the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix.

In a nation where 58 percent of the population has never met a Muslim, and more specifically, a state that boasts the Minutemen, armed xenophobic militias, and a robust history of anti-black racism – “Arizonan Islamophobia” is an especially frightening breed. An estimated 500 anti-Muslim protesters descended in front of the Islamic Community Center, some armed with guns, clad in army fatigues, lifting signs that read: “Stop Islam”, and donning shirts reading “F**k Islam”.

Behind a backdrop of the mosque’s minaret and Muslim counterprotesters, the anti-Muslim rally promised to “take back America”. The firearms the demonstrators openly brandished, combined with the signs and slurs they fired in the direction of the Muslim American counterprotesters, made that promise seem far more like a threat…

Perhaps Al Jazeera doesn’t realize that people read the foreign news and see alarming photos of men dressed in Ottoman costumes (see photo above) wildly celebrating the conquest of Constantinople.  They just got finished celebrating the 562nd anniversary.

This includes people who want to turn Hagia Sophia from a museum back into a mosque.

This is what Islam is like and this is why people dislike it.

  • Good.

  • Gaian

    Can we have a cartoon contest using these dingbat yokels with their totally stupid hats? I’ve heard the expression “towel heads” before but this really takes the cake.

  • bverwey

    Pretty hats for gay guys. What’s next? Not allowed to mock the pretty hats?

    • Frau Katze

      Dressing up in Ottoman costumes is a new favorite of the ruling AK Party.

      I think they look ridiculous.

    • Frau Katze

      Are those mustaches for real?

  • Dana Garcia

    “Xenophobia” = sanity, at least as far as islam is concerned. And we friends of national sovereignty love the Minutemen. Arizona is a great state.

  • Jay Currie

    The fun part about the boys in the fake ‘staches is that if they knew their history they might find that if they are pretending to be Janissaries they’d be Christians. Oppsie.

  • roccolore

    Al-Jazeera is the racist network that defends the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

  • Gary

    The muslims in the USA are only about 0.006% of the Global population outside the USA.
    These muslims can talk Peace all they want while Mr.Hooper from the hamas linked CAIR can cry racism all he wants and will deny the 300,000,000 pro-jihad islamist supporters on Earth are fellow muslims because they misunderstand the peaceful teaching in the quran.

    There is NO way that 1,200,000,000 muslims agree with Mr.Hooper at CAIR because they are a Pro-Sunni , Saudi backed , islamic Oeg in the guise of a Civil Liberty group fighting for equal Rights among in public for islam and muslims.
    CAIR itself , did admit that they have only about 40,000 people on their email List ( but don’t know how many are fake ( not muslims) or are several from the same person to pad the numbers) .
    You would think that these Peaceful muslims from a Peaceful mosque would be outraged at the terrorism by muslims outside of the USA to join the protester to demand that anyone in the mosque hearing about a radical follower should report them to be kicked out.

    BUT NO …. they jump to the defence and cry racism which doesn’t stop even 1 jihadist.

  • Islamophobia may be defined as fear and loathing of the death-cult called Islam. What is wrong with fear and loathing of a death-cult? It is natural and most wise to be Islamophobic.

    • MRHapla

      I’m going with Islamo-Vigilant

  • Hard Little Machine

    Those look like the worst combat outfits in the history of war.