World War II: Loss of Life Visualized

h/t WZ

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    World War Two history is such a colossal fuckup on European hands.
    That Canada and the United States had to go and rescue them from their stupidity for a second time, and Oi, Australia and New Zealand and India helped, too, is fucking mind boggling.
    Fuck the Marshall Plan.
    The Americans should have asserted their Manifest Destiny on Europe after the war and declared them the fifty first state.
    They might as well have considering they’ve been defending them since without gratitude.

  • just a thought

    I always wondered why, given the number of active volcanoes and the frequency with which they erupt, none (that I’m aware of) were mitigating factors in any of the battles in the Pacific. E.g., here’s a whopper from last Friday.

  • bob e

    just wait mate, the most monstrous war is just over the horizon. it’ll be
    on your street, in your face & up your arse .. you can bet on it ..